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Part 174: Regarding the Succession of the Witch

In the noble families of witches, family secrets are often inherited by a single child to prevent the propagation of hidden arts and the decline of quality. It is the same with the Endless Witches, where the greatest hidden art goes to a single child, so that the hidden art does not propagate even after the retirement following the inheritance.

Custom dictates that a witch from another sect must make a recommendation for the succession. Lambdadelta recommended EVA. Bernkastel recommended ANGE. It is unknown who recommended Beato.

Furthermore, during the play, Beatrice had also inherited that name, but this custom only began recently. The Predecessor was the original Beatrice, and all Endless Witches before her had different names. After that, it became customary that the name was also inherited, and EVA, following the tradition, gave ANGE the name of Beatrice.