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Undead Knights

by GamesAreSupernice

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Original Thread: Blood. Blood? Blood. Blood. - Let's Play Undead Knights [VLP] [Blood]



Let's Play Undead Knights

Undead Knights is a hack 'n slash for the Playstation Portable with a rather strange premise. You got murdered, which kinda sucks, but a mysterious creature brings you back to life and gives you incredible strength. You can even bring other people back from the dead and give them incredible strength too! But only after you kill them yourself, of course. These new zombie allies of yours are the game's main mechanic. You can throw them at things, murder stuff with them, and... well that's most of it really. It's not a deep game, but it's fun and very visceral. The story is also surprisingly good.

About This Let's Play in Particular:

I've already bought most of the upgrades, but I saved a few to exhibit when I feel the time is right. I'm only playing through the game one time, as one character: Romulus. The main story is the same for all three characters, with a few different details. Not different enough to warrant fully upgrading two other characters. God, no.


Thank you all for watching!
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