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Part 2: Ghost Fight

BGM: Ruins

You have not left the room, have you?
There are a few puzzles ahead that I have yet to explain.
It would be dangerous to try to solve them yourself.
Be good, alright?

(I have some advice for you about battling monsters.)
(If you ACT a certain way, or FIGHT until you almost defeat them...)
(They might not want to battle you anymore.
(If a monster does not want to fight you, please...)
(Use some Mercy, human.)

With some helpful advice from a passing Froggit, I save my game and head to the north.

It seems to be on the honor system, so there's no reason I couldn't take all the candy I want...

But I like to think I'm a good person.

This is the out-of-battle menu. I can fiddle with my inventory, check my stats, or use the cellphone that Toriel gave me.

So far, I have yet to gain any LOVE. That's probably why my stats are so lousy.

Since I only have my pockets, inventory space is limited. I can only carry up to eight items at a time.

I think most foods have distinct, non-licorice flavors.

The only phone number I know is Toriel's. I call her to say hello.

You only wanted to say hello...? Well then.
I hope that suffices. Hee hee.

On my way back south, I have another first: My first fight without Toriel!

BGM: Enemy Approaching

It doesn't look very fearsome.

Since I don't want to resort to violence just yet, it looks like I can Check, Console, or Terrorize the Whimsun. I will Check the little critter.

Why are we even fighting, man?

Enemy attacks work a little strangely in Undertale!

Now that Toriel isn't watching over me, enemies will act after I act. During the enemy turn, they'll usually attack me by sending various projectiles into the field where my soul is. I can move my soul around during these sequences, so I can avoid taking damage as long as no part of the attack touches my soul.

Whimsun, being a wimpy little ghost bug, barely attacks at all. Its butterfly bullets aren't even aimed towards me. I avoid the attack effortlessly.

Now, let's talk about MERCY.

Fleeing does about what you'd expect. Don't expect to see much of it.

Spare is another new mechanic. It does two things.

First, it ends my turn peacefully, in case I didn't want to attack anyone.
Second, if any enemies don't want to fight me, they'll be ejected from the battle.

The downside of sparing enemies is that you don't get any EXP, meaning you can't increase your LOVE.

I'll be skipping battles from now on, if I've already seen that encounter before. So, if I trigger a fight with one Whimsun, you won't see it.

One room over to the east, I see some suspicious markings on the ground. Well, nothing to do but go forwards--

I learned an important lesson, at least.

The door on the right despoits me back up here, on the far side of the hidden pit. As puzzles go, this one isn't too taxing.

All this puzzle-solving is making me lonely. Time to learn a bit more about Toriel.

You want to know more about me?
Well, I am afraid there is not much to say.
I am just a silly little lady who worries too much!

I must have caught her at an odd moment, because she calls me back the instant I step into the next room.

For no reason in particular... Which do you prefer?

I choose the obviously correct reply.

Click. I wonder what that was about.

Two steps later, she calls me again.

You do not DISLIKE butterscotch, do you?
I know what your preference is, but...
Would you turn up your nose if you found it on your plate?
Right, right, I understand.
Thank you for being patient, by the way.

Well hey, we've got a rock right here!

I push the rock onto the button, and the spikes go down. Zelda puzzles 101.

The next room has a whole lot of that suspicious floor pattern. I think I know where this is going...

One step in and I fall, of course.

The room below has some interesting leaf assortments. Could this be... a clue?

Could this be... another clue?

Another Froggit... but this time, I have to fight it solo!

And by fight it, I mean... maybe it doesn't want to fight?

Nope, it definitely wants to pick a fight.

The Froggit's first attack is shooting flies at me - much more dangerous than the Whimsun, but still not hard to avoid.

Not every creature in this world is so kind-hearted. The Froggit will need persuading if I want to get out of this without killing it.

So, what if I Compliment it first?

Froggit didn't understand what you said, but was flattered anyway.

It seems pleased, but still shoots some flies at me.

OK, what about now?

I got some cash this time! That's 2 gold, bringing me up to a grand total of 2 gold.

Anyway, back to this puzzle. The trick is that it's safe to stand up here anywhere where there wasn't a pile of leaves below.

I hurry on to the exit.

The next room looks pretty straightforward. You know what they say about 3 out of 4 rocks, after all.

My rock-pushing is interrupted, though, by a new battle. The last two fights, combined into one!

I'll start out by threatening Froggit. I have a stick and I know how to use it!

Being a tutorial enemy, Froggit is very easy to talk my way out of fighting. Either one of the two ACT options will leave it ready to be Spared.

Monsters don't take their turns one at a time - if there's more than one monster, their attacks are all combined. Suddenly, Whimsun's butterflies aren't so harmless!

Fortunately, when multiple monsters attack at once, their attacks are also weakened - the flies are replaced with easier-to-dodge pellets, and the wall of butterflies is a bit wider.

Once I'm done dodging, though, I can Spare both monsters in one shot. Battle over!

Just a little more rock-pushing, and...

HMM? So you're ASKIN' me to move over?
Okay, just for you, pumpkin.

The rock scoots forwards half a step, then stops.

Alrighty, how's this?

The rock moves again, this time in the wrong direction.

Okay, think I got it.

The rock finally moves onto the button, opening the way forward.


You're giving me a real workout.

The rock finally cooperates, only for me to get into a fight on the way across.

New enemy! This one isn't much stronger than the last two.

You can flirt with a lot of things in this game. For now, though, let's Check this monster out.

I'm really not sure what to make of Moldsmal.

I could actually just Spare it right now and win, but I'm gonna play with it a bit first.

Moldsmal has two attacks, this being the more dangerous one.

I'm going to Imitate it and see what happens.


Moldsmal's second attack is trivial. Let's try Flirting with it.

The Moldsmal does a sexy wiggle and exudes the aroma of lime gelatin.

Anyway, off you go.

This small room contains a mouse hole and a cheese.

Maybe I shouldn't eat it.

I save my game. Onwards!

There's a ghost in the way.

zzzzzzzzzzz... (are they gone yet) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

Look, I have to get through here, so wake up already.

Video: Napstablook Fight

BGM: Ghost Fight

This is the first of a great many miniboss fights! Before us is a ghost named Napstablook.

Napstablook attacks mainly by being unhappy.

I won't stop flirting with every monster until they force me to.

Time to prepare for Napstablook's second attack!


I obviously can't beat up a depressed ghost, so I'll Cheer them up a bit instead.

For my kindness, I am rewarded with the fiercest attack the game has thrown out yet. It's not uncommon for me to get hit here, but I managed to avoid it this time.

Regardless, their mood improved a bit, so I'm going to Cheer again.

...heh heh...

They're still crying at me, but not as intensely as before.


let me try...

do you like it...


The fight ends.

BGM: Ruins

but today i met somebody nice...
oh, i'm rambling again
i'll get out of your way

They seemed nice.