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Part 3: Ruins

To the north from Napstablook, a big room with a few Froggits.

Come eat food made by spiders, for spiders, of spiders!

Tempting, but I want to get a little more money first.

(My friend never listens to me.)
(Whenever I talk, they skip through my words by pressing [X].)

Hee hee.

(But what does "F4" stand for? "Four frogs"?)
(I have only seen a maximum of three frogs in this room...)
(This is troubling, to say the least.)

New enemy discovered!

Nice and straightforward. First turn, as always, goes to Check.

I'm getting flashbacks to Monsters, Inc from this guy.

Loox's main attack is a bit tricky just because of how erratic the movement of the bullets is.

Just to see what happens, I'm going to Pick on it.

Same attack, but I'm pretty sure the bullet density is higher.

Next: Don't pick on.

Loox's other attack is much weaker. He seems happy now, though.

Okay, okay, let's take a look at that bake sale.

Back to where I fought Napstablook, and to the right!

Well, what's in the big web?

Dang, whatever this web sells, I can't afford it.

(It's Spider Cider. Made using whole spiders, not just the juice.)

That's more in my price range!

What kind of donut are we talking about here?

This sounds revolting, but I'll take it. Back up north!

I just realized that it has been a while since I have cleaned up.
I was not expecting to have company so soon.
There are probably a lot of things lying about here and there.
You can pick them up, but do not carry more than you need.
Someday you might see something you really like.
You will want to leave room in your pockets for that.

There are a lot of enemy types in here.

Four options! First, Check.

This mean vegetable is gonna be slightly harder to placate than most of the enemies I've met so far.

Like most things you see in random encounters, Vegetoid has two attacks. Neither of them are super menacing.

I'll ask it about Dinner!

New game mechanic! White bullets damage you, but green bullets are perfectly harmless - in fact, touching one heals you a tiny bit.

Unfortunately, I missed the green vegetabullet, so Vegetoid is still mad.

Attempt #2 gives me Vegetoid's second attack - and I take damage for the first time since Flowey! 3 damage, but I heal 1 by eating the green one.

More importantly, Vegetoid is happy that I ate my greens.

Let's hurry up and check out the next room.

I see a pit.

Six pits, actually. Which one will lead to the switch?

I start by trying out the one to the south.

Oh, hey.

go on without me...
wait, ghosts can fly, can't they...
oh well...

Napstablook disappears again.

I return to the surface and check out the northwest pit.

Is that something interesting?

I spend the next 25 seconds convincing a Vegetoid that I know how to eat healthy.

That having been a waste of time, I go ahead and hit the one with the switch in it. No further shenanigans get in my way.


Some kinda weird colorful things are on the ground.

How cryptic.

For now, I ignore the colorful things, and head south to the next room.

This looks kind of familiar.

I can see a red switch to the south, and a green switch to the east...

I encountered some sort of bug creature! It's called Migosp.

First order of business: Placate the Vegetoid, which I already know how to do.

Migosp complicates Vegetoid's attack by swarming bugs around the sides of the field. Still, I got the green one.

Spare ejects the Vegetoid, and then... what?



Back to the puzzle!

The trick to this puzzle is that the second room is just the first, rotated 90 degrees. So, the blue switch is hidden behind this pillar.

The third room is the same, rotated again. Also, much easier, since it's right there.

The fourth room is the trickiest, since two of the switches are hidden behind pillars, so it's not obvious which one is green.

But if you recall the layout of the previous room, the green switch is the one closest to the corner.

Moving on past that puzzle, I come to a fork in the road. First, I'll go right.

(I saw Toriel come out of here just a little while ago.)
(She was carrying some groceries.)
(I didn't ask what they were for...)
(We're all too intimidated to talk to her.)

To the north is a dead end, aside from finding a new weapon.

I head back to go north from the last branch.

BGM: Fallen Down


Not a scratch... impressive! But still...
I should not have left you alone for so long.
It was irresponsible to try to surprise you like this.
Well, I suppose I cannot hide it any longer.
Come, small one!

I save my game.