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Part 17: Temmie Village

I drop off my Dog Residue and Tough Glove in the box, then head north.

BGM: Shop

Nah, I'm pretty good on healing items right now.

I'll take one of these, though. For unknown reasons.

The Cloudy Glasses and Torn Notebook have the advantages of increasing your invincibility time after a hit, but they're also terrible stats-wise. Some players swear by them, but I'm gonna go without.

Also, I'm about out of inventory space, even using the box. Can I sell things to this guy?

Though, I've heard if you want to sell stuff, the Temmie Village is your best bet.
Where is it?
I don't remember.

I've been around for a long time. Maybe too long.
Studying history sure is easy when you've lived through so much of it yourself! Wa ha ha!

Eh? You don't know what that is?
What are they teaching you kids in school nowadays...? Wa ha ha!
That's the Delta Rune, the emblem of our kingdodm. The Kingdom...
...of Monsters.
Wahaha! Great name, huh? It's as I always say...
Ol' King Fluffybuns can't name for beans!

That emblem actually predates written history. The original meaning has been lost to time...
All we know is that the triangles symbolize us monsters below, and the winged circle above symbolizes...
...something else.
Most people say it's the 'angel', from the prophecy...

Oh yeah... The prophecy.
Legend has it, an 'angel' who has seen the surface will descend from above and bring us freedom.
Lately, the people have been taking a bleaker outlook...
Callin' that winged circle the 'Angel of Death'.
A harbinger of destruction, waitin' to 'free' us from this mortal realm...
In my opinion, when I see that little circle...
I jus' think it looks neat! Wahaha!

King Fluffybuns? He's a friendly, happy-go-lucky kind of guy...
If you keep walking around long enough, you'll probably meet him. He loves to walk around and talk to people.
Eh? Why do I call Dreemurr 'Fluffybuns?' Oh, that's a great story!
I don't remember it.
But if you come back much later, I'm sure I'll have remembered by then.

Undyne? Yeah, she's a local hero around here.
Through grit and determination alone, she fought her way to the top of the Royal Guard.
Actually, she just came through here asking about someone who looked just like you...
I'd watch your back, kid. And buy some items... It might just save your hide! Wa ha ha!

Be careful out there, kid!

BGM: Quiet Water

The item I bought. I head south.

There's nothing here.

Maybe there'll be someone here later...


BGM: Waterfall

Seven of their greatest magicians sealed us underground with a magic spell.
Anything can enter through the seal, but only beings with a powerful SOUL can leave.

If a huge power, equivalent to seven human SOULs, attacks the barrier...
It will be destroyed.

There is no way a human could come here.
We will remain trapped down here forever.

A dead end?

Nope! Lighting up the mushrooms reveals a new path.

More mushrooms, more path...

Third set, and a random encounter!

Well, it sure looks special.

It's worth noting that one of the game's artists is named Temmie.

Temmie usually uses this attack

The body moves to loosely follow you, so if you overdodge too much, it can end up pushing you against the edge of the box for guaranteed damage.

I don't have any Temmie Flakes, so first I Flex.

Temmie didn't like that, but...

...someone else does.

From here, battle continues as usual for Aaron.

Looks like this is a dead end. However!

On the way back, I find a secret path!

BGM: Temmie Village

I can already tell I'm going to have a fun time here.

and dis is my friend... temmie!!!

and dis is my friend... temmie!!!

don forget my friend!

I'm Bob.

I don't think these count as dogs. They're more of cats with dog ears.

I save my game. I think.

I save something.

I check... TEM SHOP.

BGM: Tem Shop

All they sell is tem flakes. I can also pay for their college tuition, but I can't afford it right now.

Can I sell things yet?


u gota... Toy Knifes!!!
hnnn.... i gota have dat Toy Knifes... but i gota pay for colleg,
hnnnn....!!! tem always wanna Toy Knifes...!

Sometimes Tem will randomly increase the sell price of items. By 1G.

I sell the Toy Knife, the Bandage, the Manly Bandanna, and the Tough Glove.

It's actually possible to get infinite money by buying and immediately selling discount tem flakes. Or by buying certain items from other shops and selling them here.

I'm good for now, though. 796G.

i'm temmie

i'm temmie

us tems hav a DEEP HISTORY!!!

yaYA!!! go to TEM SHOP!!!

Words fail me.

I'll be back later.

humans... such a...

eg... wil HATCH!!!

dat OK... tem understan...
tem... ALSO allergic to tem!!!


No doubt related to the Deep History of Tem.

It symbolizes my inner torment, trapped here by hyphae.
My struggle to pull away. My struggle to escape. But alas, to no avail.
If only I could see the world above.
But even if the barrier was open, how would I leave...?

Farewell, tem.

BGM: Waterfall

When I return, the lights are all out.

More Moldsmal? Something's amiss.

I Spare...

...but only one of them is eliminated! What's going on?

I Flirt with the suspicious Moldsmall. Suddenly...!


New options are Lie Down, Hug, and Unhug.

I start with Lie Down.

Moldbygg repeats his attack for the third time.

Not one to be deterred, I Hug the giant creature.

This was a mistake.

Its first attack was harder. Out of other options, I Unhug the Moldbygg.

Pacified by my respect, I am able to end the battle peacefully.

After this, I spend a lot of time trying to find another tem.

Eventually, I succeed.


Uh... OK.

After that, Tem can be Spared.

I move on.

Simple puzzle in the area ahead.

Over time, this room gets darker and darker.

However, I can use the lanterns to light it back up.

I cross the room with little difficulty.

BGM: Silence

It keeps getting darker in this next area, but there are no more lanterns.

Eventually, I can't see at all...

Ah! It's an echo flower!

Uh oh.

Undyne draws near.

Seven human souls.
With the power of seven human souls, our king...

...will become a god.
With that power, ASGORE can finally shatter the barrier.
He will finally take the surface back from humanity...
And give them back the suffering and pain that we have endured.
Understand, human?
This is your only chance at redemption.
Give up your soul...
Or I'll tear it from your body.

There's no escape this time...

You did it!!! Undyne is RIGHT in front of you!!!
You've got front row seats to her fight!!!

Who's she fighting???

Undyne leaves.

I couldn't see this path before, because it was too dark.

...hmm... if I say my wish... You promise you won't laugh at me?

Of course I won't laugh!

Someday, I'd like to climb this mountain we're all buried under.
Standing under the sky, looking at the world all around... That's my wish.

...hey, you said you wouldn't laugh at it!

Sorry, it's just funny...
That's my wish, too.

The Angel... The One Who Has Seen The Surface...
They will return. And the underground will go empty.

I cross a long bridge.


I wanna ask you something.
Man, I've never had to ask anyone this before...
Yo... You're human, right? Haha.
Man! I knew it!
...well, I know it now, I mean...
Undyne told me,um, "stay away from that human."
So, like, ummm...
I guess that makes us enemies or something.
But I kinda stink at that, haha.
Yo, say something mean so I can hate you?

Yo, that's your idea of something mean?
My sister says that to me ALL THE TIME!
Guess I have to do it, haha.
Yo, I... I hate your guts.
Man, I... I'm such a turd.
I'm... I'm gonna go home now.

Yo, w-w-wait! Help! I tripped!

Undyne advances.

I should run...

No. I can't abandon a friend in need.

If... If y-you wanna hurt my friend...
You're gonna have to get through me, first.

Undyne backs away, disappearing once more.

Yo, you really saved my skin.
Guess being enemies was just a nice thought, haha.
We'll just have to be friends instead., I should REALLY go home...
I bet my parents are worried sick about me!
Later, dude!

The kid absconds.

I head for the exit from Waterfall.