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Part 30: ASGORE

Video: The Final Battle


No description.

Asgore and Toriel use similar magic, but Asgore's is much more powerful.

Only Act options are Check, and Talk.

His hands tremble for a moment.

Is it still possible to Talk him down?

His breathing gets funny for a moment.

The strongest of Toriel's spells, made even stronger.

I Talk again.

Recollection flashes in his eyes...
ASGORE's ATTACK dropped!

The color of the eye flashes indicate the color of the spear sweeps, in sequence.

Unfortunately, I was playing this fight on a TV with bad color balance, so I make a lot of mistakes on these.


I can't talk my way past this battle.

The only way forward is to Fight.

Asgore sends rings of fire inwards. It's best to hug the center.

Waves of fire cover the entire screen. I'm not sure if I've ever avoided this attack.

Asgore has a lot of health to burn through.

This would be easier if my LV was higher.

As he takes damage, his attacks become more fierce.

My health is getting low. I stop to eat a healing item.

The smell reminded ASGORE of something...

When the battle began, Asgore's attacks all did 5 damage. Now, they're down to 3.

Still a long way to go.

Asgore's rings of fire are starting to spin slightly now.

As usual, I get hit right at the end of this one.

There's only so much to say, here. Asgore is silent. I can't change his mind.

So, I attack, and Asgore attacks.

My attacks are doing slightly more damage as time goes on.

This attack is much harder when the flashes aren't all the same color. I needed to stop for the first, then move for the next two.

I stop to eat a Nice Cream.

Asgore casts fire faster and faster.

Halfway there.

Endless fire.

The slashes are up to four at a time, now.

He's getting weaker.

The rings are coming more rapidly, spinning faster, and going on for longer.

It's very important to bring lots of healing to this fight.

Almost there...

Asgore is faltering.

BGM: Silence

So that is how it is.

BGM: The Choice

The entire underground was devoid of hope.
The future had once again been taken from us by the humans.
In a fit of anger, I declared war.
I said that I would destroy any human that came here.
I would use their souls to become godlike...
...and free us from this terrible prison.
Then, I would destroy humanity...
And let monsters rule the surface, in peace.
Soon, the people's hopes returned.
My wife, however, became disgusted with my actions.
She left this place, never to be seen again.
I do not want power.
I do not want to hurt anyone.
I just wanted everyone to have hope...
I cannot take this any longer.
I just want to see my wife.
I just want to see my child.
Please... Young one...
This war has gone on long enough.
You have the power...
Take my soul, and leave this cursed place.

We've both fought to the brink of death. I've heard Asgore's full story.

And you know what?

There's still a solution to this other than killing.

BGM: Silence

After everything I have done to hurt you...
You would rather stay down here and suffer...
Than live happily on the surface?

BGM: Memory

I promise you...
For as long as you remain here...
My wife and I will take care of you as best we can.
We can sit in the living room, telling stories...
Eating butterscotch pie...
We could be like...

BGM: Silence

Oh no.

How could I forget?

He's been watching me since the beginning.

You haven't learned a thing.
In this world...