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Part 38: Reunited

BGM: Reunited

W-we were so worried...!
It felt like you were out forever!
Yeah! Any longer and I would have freaked out!
Tell us next time you decide to take a nap, okay!?
yeah. you made papyrus cry like a baby.
what did you catch?

The important part is that Frisk is all right.
Here, Frisk. Why not drink some tea?
It'll make you feel better.
Errr... How about we give them space, first?
They must be very exhausted.
Though, from what, I am not certain.
Frisk... We do not remember exactly what happened.
There was a flower... And then, everything went white.
But now the barrier is gone.
When you are ready, we will all return to the surface.
It seems the door to the east will lead us there now.
But before then...
Perhaps you might want to take a walk?
You can say goodbye to all of your wonderful friends.
Do as you wish. We will all wait for you here.

There are so many people I have to see.

I received a text from Toriel.

Sans and Alphys are teaching me how to text. I am learning so much.
For example: Do you know what a "smiley" is?
Please look at this:
]: )
Now turn your head to the left.
It is a picture of me smiling at you! Can you see it?
L-O-L! (That stands for Lots of Laughter.)
Sincerely, Toriel

Dear Frisk,
How are you? You have been wandering around for quite some time now.
I hope you are not getting into trouble.
Only kidding. L-O-L!
Sincerly, Toriel
PS - Do not get into trouble.

Excuse me,
I did not mean to write "sincerly." I meant to say "sincerely."
It is difficult to use this with large hands.
Perhaps I should ask Sans to transcribe for me.

(You didn't notice before, but there's something like...)
(...mummy wrappings at the bottom of it.)

hey frisk. it's torrrrrieellll
i just baked 1000000 pies. do you want any?
make sure to brush your teeth before crossing the street, frisk

I did not say any of that.

Greetings. This is Sans. I love my brother very much.
help im being slandered

This is Sans. Frisk, did you know that I love to "get owned?"
I also think Toriel is very good and fhfjkehfeaufsisf
Excuse me

(Toriel sent you a message titled "Cat Video.")
(Inside, she meticulously describes a video she saw of a small, white animal.)
(There is no link or attachment to watch it.)

Fwd: send this 2 some1 u care about... or a skeleton will rattle his bones at u

Dear Frisk,
Thought you might enjoy this. ]: )
(It's ASCII art of a snail.)

Dear Frisk,
Undyne and Papyrus want to cook something together with me.
Sans is telling me that they are excellent chefs.
I am excited. ]: ) Maybe if you are lucky, you can have some!

Dear Frisk,
If Sans and I started a band, do you know what we would call it?
"Dreemurr" and "Femur." L-O-L!
PS - That is only a joke. Do not refer to me as Dreemurr.

Dear Frisk,
Undyne is very strong.
Papyrus made a bet with her that she could not lift everyone here up.
She could.
The only trouble is that she did not know how to put everyone down.

Dear Frisk,
Alphys is telling me many interesting facts about the human world.
Quite a few of them are wrong, though.
Frisk, you did not tell her anything funny, did you? ]: )

Dear Frisk,
I heard that using the computer for too long is bad for you.
However, I have not seen you use the computer at all.
You must be very healthy! How nice.

Dear Frisk,
I think I may have to turn off the phone for now.
Your friends are all very lovely people!
I think I will spend this time getting to know them better.
Be good, alright?
Sincerely, Toriel.

I leave Asgore's castle.

It's time to sweep backwards through the underground.

Well... Everyone has an angle they look best from...

Nobody's sending ice into the Core now.

Before you came here, the layout was altered so you would get lost and perish.
Yes. Just for you. Do you feel special?

(It's taking a nap.)

But since he never paid us, we all decided to quit.
No hard feelings.

Since the Core is always re-arranging, it was like a game trying to find it.
Now it is my special place. It is nice for cooking s'mores and thinks like that.

Or ever again.

Guess I'll catch up with you later...

But now it's been so busy, we still haven't gotten the chance to ride it.

So we're free, huh? Mettaton told us as much.
Then he told me, "don't think that means you're getting out of work early."
Ah... my boss. I love that guy.
And by that I mean I hate him so, so much.

So we're free now.
Does that mean my double-date is cancelled...?
I know, it wasn't really a... a date.
Here's a trick, little buddy: Lie to yourself all the time. It makes you feel better.

Don't tell anyone this, Little Buddy.
(Because they'll make fun of me,)
But I... I feel like I played a hand in everyone getting free somehow.
Even if it was just working this awful job...
I think I did something!
I don't know if it's true, but I'll believe it anyway!

Little buddy! There's a brand new world out there waiting for us.
I'm sure with my (ahem) qualifications, it won't be long before I'm a famous movie star...
Or, maybe I'll just end up flipping burgers again.
But it's as I say! Nowhere to go but up! Literally, in this case!

Ugh, and I just got a raise! Well, guess every apple has its CORE, heheh.

Maybe I'll be able to go two feet without running into a puzzle.

Oh... Guess I can... Stop lickin' this ficus.
...but I don't want to look like I messed up, so I'll keep going...

But I think you'll find it's still great to pass through!

So, we're like, totally free now, huh?
Yeah, like, totally free.
Like... cool.
Yeah, like, cool.
Like, milennia of being imprisoned finally over?
Yeah, that's like pretty chill I guess.

Oh, oops, really?
Uh, well, when we said, um...
We were hyped for the destruction of humanity...
We were just, like, joking, you know?
Did we say that?
It's, like, practically our catchphrase.
Really? I thought our catchphrase was...
B-B-Bratty's the best, C-C-Catty's the coolest!
Um, no?
We've like literally NEVER said that.
CAN it be though!? CAN it be!?

Hmmm... Now that we're gonna be free...
OMG, we can finally fulfill our DREAM of having a pet cat!
That's, like, YOUR dream, Catty.
But Bratty...
I don't wanna have a dream without YOU in it...!
Aww... Catty...
And in my dream, YOU clean up after the cat!

Me? Yeah, I LOVE cats!

Bratty NOOOO!!!
I'm just kidding!!
Kind of.
Anyway, when was the last time you even SAW a cat around here?
Oh!! JUST the other day!
There was this CUTE little white cat walking around...
It was, like, SOOOOO clueless looking.
I pet it for like an hour!
Yeah, Bratty?

If all humans are like you, I think it'll be really popular!

Like, bummer... Guess we'll have to get used to Love and Peace.

Surface world will have so many new friends to help!!!

He... he gave me his dress! I'm so...! Ha ha ha!

And we'll also be able to afford...!
4 pairs of stylish sunglasses for every spider!

But, I bet none of those shows are as good as Mettaton's!

Eeeeeh? You're going to go there too?
Idiot... Quit following me!

That's my resolution.

PSYYYYCHE! That'd NEVER happen!
I'm too spicey to have any friends.

I have... something to say to you.
Admittedly, I may have had limerent feelings for you before.
However, upon examining my own actions, I now realize...
I did not love YOU.
I was merely infatuated with the CONCEPT of love.
The idea of romance, the concept of sharing affection with another...
Through these desires, I built a false concept of you in my head.
Such a relationship would not have ended well.
In closing, I believe it is better that I chose to say nothing.
Y... y-you i-idiot.

Besides that? Today was fine.
Count your blessings. Even if you don't get a second hot dog.

Feels... so spicey.

The lava's so spicey now.

I mean, sure, we're free, but it's the little things, you know?

Who knows what we'll be tomorrow?

Does that mean I don't get to go to work?

Now school HAS to be cancelled, right!?

I'll be able to have a nice drink on the surface.

Freedom? What? Bah! You're pullin' my leg!


tem will be happily fambily,

It symbolizes my unbridled happiness.
The government told me they are willing to transplant me outside!
Why didn't you smile at my dance? It almost feels a little rude...

OK, OK! I remember it clearly now.
It was the monthly address at the castle, and the queen was giving her part on current events.
After finishing her update, she moved to pass the microphone to the king.
However, she didn't realize the microphone was still in her hands when she said:
"Your turn, Fluffybuns."
The audience burst into laughter.
Realizing what she had said, she started laughing too.
After a few moments, the king held up his arms. The crowd grew silent.
He learned towards the microphone, expression... stern.
"Dear citizens. Thank you for coming here today."
"I... King Fluffybuns..."
And the rest is history.

Eh? Goat?
Actually, that reminds me. Toriel once wore a flower-patterned muu-muu...
Folks kept saying "nice muu-muu" to her, but she kept thinking they were calling her a cow.
So she never wore it again.
What was the question again?
Oh. Right. Asgore.
He's a real interesting type of monster. The strongest type of all.
We call 'em Boss Monsters.
When they have an offspring, the SOUL power of the parents flows into the child...
Causing the child to grow as the parents age.
But Asgore doesn't have a child. So he's been stuck at the same age... and probably will be forever.
Huh? What if the child is a human...? What?
Nah. That wouldn't work. So if Asgore's your father, he'll definitely outlive you.

Oh yeah! Of course. Toriel was the queen and Asgore was the king.
It was tragic when she left.
Since everyone knew she was really the brains behind the throne...
But it was also just a teensy, teensy big relieving, you know?
Those two were really insufferable together... Nuzzling noses, bein' all cute n' cuddly in public... Embarrassing their children...
They were so sweet it made me SICK. Thank god those days are over!

Undyne. She's really come a long way since she was a little urchin.
I used to be a hero myself, back in the old days. Gerson, the Hammer of Justice.
When she was younger, Undyne would follow me around, to watch me beat up bad guys.
Sometimes she'd ever try to help!
Though, most of the time the folks she attacked weren't bad guys. It'd be the mailman or something like that.
Anyhoo, I appreciated it! Wah ha ha ha!!!

But you know, home is where the heart is.

Snail snail. (What a log trip! Remember to stretch your muscles.)

(You wonder if Toriel has seen it.)

Feast your eyes! Dr. Alphys completed my wonderful new body.
Oooh! And did you hear? The barrier's OPEN!
I can't wait to see the sun...
...the greatest spotlight of all!!
Oh yes. I suppose I should thank you, too, darling.
Before fighting you, I had...
Forgotten how fun it was to perform with others.
So I've been searching for HOT TALENTS to fill up my upcoming troupe.
So far, Shyren's agreed to be my back-up singer,
And Bl... Napstablook, here, will be my sound mixer!
The three of us performing together...
It really feels overdue, doesn't it?

...........oh, hi
human... i'll never forget when you cheered me on
when i was pretending to sleep...
no one had ever had so much faith in my fake sleep...
uh....... also...... this is awkward... but
what's.... your name
everyone seems to know it now, except me....
seems like i've been missing out lately
i was just sitting at home listening to tunes
there was a flash of light outside my window
i saw the snails on the farm disappear
then i heard a knock at the door
the flash of light wanted to come in... i closed the blinds...
now everyone knows your name except for me
"frisk..." ok, i wont forget it

"frisk"... i didnt forget
because i cried the letters into my hand

What kind of merchandise do you think humans would want to buy...?
I've thought of a few ideas so far.
Buttons (with my face)
Stickers (with my face)
CDs (with my face)
Posters (with my face)
T-shirts (with my face)
Underwear (with my face)
...and plush dolls of Toriel.
But, you know, with my face instead of hers.
So what do you think?

(A yes or no prompt was not provided.)

Fabulous! I completely agree!

I guess I really acted like a dummy to you.

S-since... if we did... How would I ever know?
Well, I'll keep my tentacles out for you! Y'hear!
As soon as I know I'll be the first to tell you! Y'hear!!

This really says something about you ; )

But I still don't know what those are.

They're always moving, so I can see them 100 percent of the time!

(That's OK, though. It's really "brought our families together".)

Does that mean I'm married to my sister?
Wait, we're dogs. That stuff's normal.

This is the last day we'll be open, so make as much noise as you want.

How about this headline... "Monsters Go Free From The Underground".
Nah, that doesn't have enough pizazz...
How about "Top 10 Monsters You Won't Believe Got Freed From The Underground?"

Why don't we just put a big "THE END" on fhte front and call it a day?

I just solved today's crossword.

Ice Wolf can take a break to buy some pants now.

Do they just call it Humans and Humans?

Wah-ha! This adventurous spirit! I'm like a kid again!
And my children are like... Double-children.

Finally... I'll be able to stop smiling.

I was going to say a joke here, but I really don't have one.

The king felt so bad that he didn't know. He gave her a big hug.
Then the queen fired her.
Now we don't have a Royal Scientist anymore...
Thaaaaat's politics!

A-and neat d-drinks...
Oooooooooo, I'm ready!

Soon, I'll be able to try some human food...
And then I guess I'll try a human bathroom, to.

Seems like we won't have to lose our local culture.
...except we're all moving out of here, huh.
Oh well. Guess it can't be all punk-peaches and punk-cream.

So kid, take it from me...
Don't try to catch hot people with a fishing rod.

I might not get to translate for Grillby anymore...
...which is fine, since I was actually just making up what he was saying.

I've been kinda, doing some thinking...
Maybe Undyne... isn't actually as cool as we thought.
She's just kinda... mean.
But YO!!! I just found out about someone WAYYY cooler!!!
Nyeh heh heh!!!

They'll probably be weirded out by it.

First, there'd be nothing weird about it. It's cute!
Second, what?
It's normal to walk your younger brother on a leash, right?

Is anyone else weirded out by those giant shambling amalgamates, or...?

...what's so great about that, anyway? I don't wanna move.

Snowed Inn is shutting down so we can all go to the surface.

I mean, it happened to you, right?
There was a strange flash of white light... Then I felt my body being pulled into... something.
Then, suddenly, everything was back to normal.

I heard that it was all 'cause a human came through here.
A human... I can hardly believe it!
Well if they decide to stop in, I'll be sure to give them a hero's welcome.

Didja hear? The Ruins have been opened up, and get this...
They were opened from the INSIDE.
Apparently the Queen had been staying inside there for God knows how long.
Pretty unbelievable, huh!?

Well, I suppose I'll move my store to the overworld...
...haven't planned much more than that, I'm afraid.

There're so many people, someone has to, right!?

Good riddance! Maybe I'll finally get some peace and quiet!


OK, OK... I'll stop lounging around. Does that dog know? probably doesn't, does it...?

There are woods there we can live in, right?


(Seems like something tried eating it and just... gave up.)

No! I refuse! I'll just invent new numbers, like twenty-teen!

Ah... I can feel that piece of me has been well taken care of.
Hmmm...? The barrier's opened up?
Hmmm... Then, if it's not too much to ask...
...could you take that piece of me to the surface?
I would really appreciate it.

My son. He seems happy again.
Our family. It's biggah than evah.
Now that my wife. Is combined. With 16 othah people.

And that's "cool!"
'Cause, uhh, we're made of ice and stuff.
WHAT!?!? It's a JOKE!! LAUGH at it!!

(Nevermind, guys!)

(It feels entirely too small for you now.)

(Maybe we should finally go out to the rest of the underground.)
(Huh? The barrier's open, too...?)
(...let's just take this one step at a time, OK?)

(Next time, we should try a relaxing shade of green.)

(Now that your journey's over, maybe you'll have time to listen to me.)
(Since most people just press [X] to skip through my dialogue.)

(You've really matured, haven't you?)

Hey, y'mind giving me a push, pumpkin?

(You seem like you have grown into a thoughtful and conscientious person.)
(Whether that was from my advice or not... I'm quite proud.)

Someone's waiting for me.

Someone has to take care of these flowers.

I can't come back. I just can't, OK?

It's better if they never see me.

Are you trying to keep me company?
Let me ask you a question.
Frisk... Why did you come here?
Everyone knows the legend, right...?
"Travellers who climb Mt. Ebott are said to disappear."
Why would you ever climb a mountain like that?
Was it foolishness?
Was it fate?
Or was it... Because you...?
Only you know the answer, don't you...?

It wasn't for a very happy reason.
Frisk. I'll be honest with you.
Prof hated humanity.
Why they did, they never talked about it.
But they felt very strongly about that.

In fact, though you have similar, uh, fashion choices...
I don't know why I ever acted like you were the same person.
Maybe... The truth is...
Prof wasn't really the greatest person.
While, Frisk...
You're the type of friend I wish I always had.
So maybe I was kind of projecting a little bit.
Let's be honest. I did some weird stuff as a flower.

Frisk, when Prof and I combined our souls together...
The control over our body was actually split between us.
They were the one that picked up their own empty body.
And then, when we got to the village...
They were the one that wanted to... use our full power.
I was the one that resisted.
And then, because of me, we...
Well, that's why I ended up a flower.
This whole time, I've blamed myself for that decision.
That's why I adopted that horrible view of the world.
"Kill or be killed."
But now... After meeting you...
Frisk, I don't regret that decision anymore.
I did the right thing.
If I killed those humans...
We would have had to wage war against all of humanity.
And in the end, everyone went free, right?
I still feel kind of sad knowing how long it took... maybe it wasn't a perfect decision.
But you can't regret hard choices your whole life, right?
Well, not that I have much of a life left.
But that's beside the point.

You should really go be with your friends now, OK?
Oh, and, please...
In the future, if you, uh, see me...
Don't think of it as me, OK?
I just want you to remember me like this.
Someone that was your friend for a little while.
Oh, and Frisk...
Be careful in the outside world, OK?
Despite what everyone thinks, it's not as nice as it is here.
There are a lot of Floweys out there.
And not everything can be resolved by just being nice.
Don't kill, and don't be killed, alright?
That's the best you can strive for.
Well, see you.

It's time to go home.