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Part 41: Fallen Down

I knew you'd still be here.

One run wasn't enough to satisfy you, was it?

You need to see everything.

Flowey doesn't remember me at all.

The story starts the same way it did last time.

Toriel asks me to try talking to a dummy.

But that sounds boring.

We do not want to hurt anybody, do we...? Come now.

In the next room, I run into a random encounter.

If I want to survive in this world, I'll need more LOVE.

Toriel leaves me on my own.

You took a piece of candy. (Press [C] to open the menu.)

You took more candy. How disgusting...

You take another piece. You feel like the scum of the earth...

You took too much too fast. The candy spills onto the floor.

I keep moving.

I kill Froggit.

I kill Whimsun.

Toriel bothers me with pointless questions.

I kill more monsters.

Because my LOVE increased, my HP and Attack are higher than before.

I kill more monsters.

I need to make sure I'm ready before I go any further.

So, I go back, and I kill monsters.

Then, I kill more monsters.

I kill monsters until the encounter rate starts to drop.

I kill monsters, and increase my LOVE.

I kill monsters until the game changes.

BGM: ?

Toriel talks about something or other on the phone.

I save my game.

Some ghost disappears the instant I enter the room.

I prepare myself for the battles ahead.

I solve some boring puzzles.

I equip a better weapon.

I made it to Toriel's house.

I take a nap, so that she'll give me pie.

You are just like the others.
There is only one solution to this.

Blah, blah, blah.

Video: Prof VS Toriel

BGM: Heartache

BGM: Silence

Now I see who I was protecting by keeping you here.
Not you...
But them!
Ha... ha...

That was easy.

I have places to go.

You're not really human, are you?
No. You're empty inside. Just like me. In fact...

We're still inseperable, after all these years...
Listen. I have a plan to become all powerful.
Even more powerful than you and your stolen soul.
Let's destroy everything in this wretched world.
Everyone, everything in these worthless memories...
Let's turn 'em all to dust.

The underground is waiting for me.