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Part 43: Battle Against A True Hero

Another region.

Awesome...She's the coolest, right!?
I wanna be just like her when I grow up...
Hey, don't tell my parents I'm here. Ha ha.

BGM: Waterfall?

There's a lot of monsters here.

I upgrade my armor.

Undyne almost spots me, but she doesn't press the issue.

A monster is following me around.

I'll have to deal with that eventually.

I've got plenty of things to kill for now, though.

I kill Aaron.

There was a puzzle here, but it's already been solved.

I kill Woshua.

The walls are covered in unimportant lore.

Undyne demonstrates remarkably bad aim at great length.

This thing is still around?

I save my game.

I upgrade my weapon.

The shoes lose the button-mashing of the glove, but instead have three separate bars to time hits on. If I'm accurate enough (like here), I can score a critical hit.

I cross a long, empty room.

I kill Shyren.

I get some dog residue.

There's that monster again.


Undyne impotently attacks from below.

I fall into a pit.

I remember something that happened a long time ago.

I save my game.

(You punch the dummy at full force.)
(Feels good.)

I know.

FOOL! You think you can hurt ME???
I am a ghost that lives inside a dummy.
My cousin used to live inside a dummy, too. Until...
Not only did YOUR actions cause them to leave their home...
But now all of their neighbors are gone, too!
Despicable. Despicable! DESPICABLE!!!
You're the worst person I've ever met! I've NEVER been more mad!!!
Guoooohhhh!!!! My mannequin levels are going OFF THE CHARTS!!!

This... This feeling...?
Eureka. Eureka! EUREKA!
Human. That moment of unbridled emotion.
It allowed me to finally fuse with my body!
I'm fully corporeal now! My lifelong dream, realized!
In return, I guess I won't stomp you.
How's that sound?

BGM: Anticipation

It doesn't even attack me.

Waste of time.

She can't hide forever.

Nobody home.

I see someone hasn't fled.

Worthless items.

Long ago, Asgore and I agreed that escaping would be pointless...
Since once we left, humans would just kill us.
I felt a little betrayed when he eventually changed his mind.
But now, I think... Maybe he was right to.
'Cause after all, even though we never escaped...
A human's killing us anyway, ain't that right?

I've lived too long to be afraid of something like you.
Try it, kiddo!
...I know you can't here.
Wah ha... Knowledge like that is the only reason I've survived so long.

Eh? Fight you?
Nah... I'm not a hero. Never was.
And b'sides... These old bones aren't fit for fighting anyhoo.
One attack from you, and then I'd... well...
At least by talking to you, I've bought enough time for some of them to escape.

I'm not a hero.
But I know there's someone out there.
Someone who'll never give up trying to do the right thing, no matter what.
There's no prophecy or legend 'bout anyone like that.
It's just something I know is true.
That someone like that will strike you down.

Good riddance.

What's the point of a monster I can't kill?

Special enemy? Maybe it'll be worth a lot of EXP.

Not really.

I kill some more monsters.

The Temmies are gone.

Except for this one, who doesn't seem to notice anything's wrong.

I spend a long time killing monsters. I'm going to need a lot of LV for the next boss.

There, I got them all.

Do I get to fight you yet?


I save my game.

I'm stopped by a monster on the bridge.

Undyne told me to stay away from you.
She said you... You hurt a lot of people.
But, yo, that's not true, right!?

A... a... and what's with that weird expression...?

(Man, my h-heart's pounding out of my chest...)
(...what would Undyne do?)
Y-you'd b-better st-stop r-right where you are...
Cause if you w-wanna hurt anyone else... you're...
You're gonna have to get through me, first.

BGM: Anticipation?



I can't do this.

I've gotta go tell Undyne she was wrong about you!

Did you really think I would let it end like that?

Video: Free EXP

Monsters exist to be killed.

Undyne... You're... You're hurt...
Hurt? This is nothing.
Next time, listen when I tell you to leave, okay?
Undyne... I...
I'll take care of this!
Get out of here!

No... s-somehow, with just one hit...
I'm already...
D... damn it...

Just like that, I...
I've failed you.


BGM: But the Earth Refused to Die?

My body... It feels like it's splitting apart.
Like any instant... I'll scatter into a million pieces.
Deep, deep in my soul.
There's a burning feeling I can't describe.
A burning feeling that WON'T let me die.
This isn't just about monsters anymore, is it?
If you get past me, you'll...
You'll destroy them all, won't you?
Monsters... Humans... Everyone...
Everyone's hopes. Everyone's dreams. Vanquished in an instant.
But I WON'T let you do that.
Right now, everyone in the world...

And we all have ONE goal.
To defeat YOU.
Human. No, WHATEVER you are.
For the sake of the whole world...

BGM: Battle Against A True Hero

So this is the power of determination.

Undyne the Undying has somewhere in the area of 24,000 health. Far beyond anything else in the underground.

Her attacks are the same as last time I fought her, but much, much harder.

I'm red again. I eat a Snowman Piece.

In my red form, she has the old two attacks, both at increased power.

Slowly, surely, her health falls.

Meanwhile, the spears get faster and faster.

She has some new attacks in this form, too.


Up until now, sometimes I've died on purpose to show off what happens when I lose key battles.

That's not what's happening here.

I die again on the second attempt.

Let's try this again.

Video: The Wind is Howling

Blah, blah, blah.

Time to get to work.

The attacks come in the same order. I'm more ready for them this time.

I can't eat that pie yet.

I'm going to need it later.

Some of the early turns don't go too well.

But, I'm more determined than she is.

There's no end to how powerful her attacks can become.

By the end, when she's going all out, she's truly worthy of the word "monster".

BGM: Silence

So even THAT power... It wasn't enough...?
If you...
If you thing I'm gonna give up hope, you're wrong.
'Cause I've... Got my friends behind me.
Alphys told me that she would watch me fight you...
And if anything went wrong, she would... evacuate everyone.
By now she's called Asgore and told him to absorb the 6 human souls.

Undyne finally dies.

The underground is big.

There are still more monsters waiting.