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Part 47: Determination

I'm not done yet.

that's the expression of someone who's died twice in a row.
suffice to say, you look really... unsatisfied.
all right.
how 'bout we make it a third?



that's the expression of someone who's died thrice in a row.
hey, what comes after "thrice," anyway?
wanna help me find out?

anyway, as i was saying, it's a nice day out.
why not relax and take a load off?


that's the expression of someone who's died quice in a row.
quice? frice?
welp, won't have to use it again anyways.

I can do this.

it's really great, right?
let's quit fighting.

You aren't going to fool me again.

woah, you look REALLY pissed off...
did i getcha?
well, if you came back anyway...
i guess that means we never really WERE friends, huh?
don't tell that to the other sans-es, ok?


that's the expression of someone who's died five times in a row.
convenient, huh? that's one for each finger.
but soon...

that's the expression of someone who's died six times in a row.
that's the number of fingers on a mutant hand.
but soon...

that's the expression of someone who's died seven times in a row.
hey, that's good. seven's supposed to be a lucky number.
who knows, maybe you'll hit the jackpot...

that's the expression of someone who's died eight times in a row.
that's the number of fingers on a spider.
but soon...

Video: Round 9

(Sorry for skipping over some dialogue during this video. My patience was pretty frayed at this point.)

Beating Sans is only possible with a perfect understanding of all the mechanics involved.

First: Sans's offense.

Every frame I touch Sans's attacks, I lose 1 HP, and about 3-5 HP turn pink. Pink health decays at a rate of about 1 per second.

My last point of HP can never become pink, so this Karmic Retribution damage can't kill me. I can only ever die by touching an attack during Sans's turn.

Next: My offense.

Since Sans dodges my attacks and only has 1 HP, there's no reason for me to time my hits well. In fact, messing them up lets me act faster, giving me a longer grace periond from pink HP.

All in all, I need to attack Sans about 25 times.

Most of his attacks come in a fixed order, although some elements of them are randomized - like the positions of the bones on this one.

After 13 attacks, Sans stops to offer me mercy. This is an opportunity.

The battle won't continue either way until I either Fight or Spare. So, I can take a couple turns to recover HP.

In the second phase, bones start to crawl around my HUD. They can hurt me, but can't kill me.

i always thought the anomaly was doing this cause they were unhappy.
and when they got what they wanted, they would stop all this.

New attacks, too, of course.

The shape of the soul arena while Sans is talking gives hints as to which attack might be coming next.

and maybe all they needed was... i dunno.
some good food, some bad laughs, some nice friends.

When healing, it's best to wait for all my pink HP to run out, because otherwise it'll keep decaying once I'm at full.

Changing the direction the blue soul falls is a trick Papyrus never used.

but that's ridiculous, right?
yeah, you're the type of person who won't EVER be happy.

I don't even look at the field during this attack. I just watch Sans's left hand.

you'll keep consuming timelines over and over, until...
take it from me, kid.
you gotta learn when to QUIT.

and that day's TODAY.

cause... y'see...
all this fighting is really tiring me out.

and if you keep pushing me...

yeah, my special attack. sound familiar?
well, get ready. cause after the next move, i'm going to use it.
so, if you don't wanna see it, now would be a good time to die.

Almost time.

I eat the pie, my last healing item.

It's now or never.

well, here goes nothing...
are you ready?
survive THIS, and i'll show you my special attack!

BGM: Silence

all right. that's it.
it's time for my special attack.
are you ready?
here goes nothing.

Do your worst.


that's right.
it's literally nothing.
and it's not gonna be anything, either.
heh heh heh... ya get it?
i know i can't beat you.
one of your turns...
you're just gonna kill me.
so, uh.
i've decided...
it's not gonna BE your turn. ever.
i'm just gonna keep having MY turn until you give up.
even if it means we have to stand here until the end of time.

you'll get bored here.
if you haven't gotten bored already, i mean.
and then, you'll finally quit.

i know your type.
you're, uh, very determined, aren't you?
you'll never give up, even if there's, uh...
absolutely NO benefit to perservering whatsoever.
if i can make that clear.
no matter what, you'll just keep going.
not out of any desire for good or evil...
but just because you think you can.
and because you "can"... "have to."

but now, you've reached the end.
there is nothing left for you now.
so, uh, in my personal opinion...
the most "determined" thing you can do here?
is to, uh, completely give up.
and... (yawn) do literally anything else.


You can close the tab now.

There's nothing left.


guess that's it, huh?
don't say i didn't warn you.


Erm... What kind of monster are you...?
Sorry, I cannot tell.

Video: Kill Or Be Killed

There's no need to fight.
Why not settle this...
Over a nice cup of tea?

Why... You...

It was all a trick, see?
I was waiting to kill him for you!
After all it's me your best friend!
I'm helpful, I can be useful to you
I promise I won't get in your way
I can help... I can... I can...


Thank you.
Your power awakened me from death.
My "human soul."
My "determination."
They were not mine, but YOURS.

Our plan had failed, hadn't it?
Why was I brought back to life?
With your guidance.
I realized the purpose of my reincarnation.
Together, we eradicated the enemy and became strong.
Every time a number increases, that feeling...
That's me.

Now, we have reached the absolute.
There is nothing left for us here.
Let us erase this pointless world, and move on to the next.

How curious.
You must have misunderstood.