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Part 50: Fallen Down (Reprise)

Once more, with feeling!

All right, all right, I'll take this seriously.

Now, the true final run!

Hee hee hee...
Why'd you make me introduce myself?
It's rude to act like you don't know who I am.
Someone ought to teach you proper manners.
I guess little old me will have to do.
Ready? Here we go!

The dialogue there was a little different because this was my second run - after finishing Hard Mode, I could only do a regular reset, not a true reset.

The only way that the post-hard reset is different is that I can change my name, which is usually only possible after a true reset. If it wasn't, my name would be stuck as Frisk, so I wouldn't be able to escape hard mode.

A neat detail is that, even though Toriel solves this puzzle without your input, it's still a functional puzzle. This sign is a hint - you need to press all the buttons that aren't in the lighter strip down the middle of the button field. Walk not the middle road.

Now, let's talk credits.

You may recall that the credits looked like this:

The trick is that nearly every enemy in the game can be pacified in multiple ways - if you use the right solution, their description changes, and the text for it becomes yellow.

Froggit can be pacified by Compliment OR Threat. However, if you pick Compliment, you get the yellow description, and its description changes from "Pondering Life" to "Professional Frog".

Now to try something else.

I'm going to actually obey Toriel!

I obediently wait here for a very long time, then get a phone call.

My errands are taking longer than i thought they would.
You must wait 5 more minutes.
Thank you for being patient.


I found what I was looking for.
But before I could take it...
A small, white puppy snatched it away.
How odd.
Do dogs even LIKE flour?
Err, that is an unrelated question, of course.
It will take a little longer. Please understand.


(You hear heavy panting on the other end of the phone...)
Bark! Bark!
Bark... Bark!
(You hear a distant voice.)
Stop, please!
Come back here with my cellphone!


(Snore... snore...)
(It sounds like a small, white dog is sleeping on the cell phone.)
(You hear a distant voice.)
Helloooo? Little puppy...?
Where are you...?
I will give you a nice pat on the head!
(The snoring stops.)
...If you return my cellphone.
(The snoring resumes.)


(Snore... snore...)
(It sounds like a small, white dog sneezing in its sleep.)
(You heard a distant voice.)
Here, pup-pup-puppy!
Oh dear, I should not keep my guest waiting nay longer.
...Oh no, how long has it been since I have talked to them...?
Perhaps they have been calling the phone, and...?, puppy!


(Snore... snore...)
(Blink blink.)
(Snore... snore...)
(You hear a tired voice.)
Doggie... Here, doggie...
Oh dear...
I do wonder how they are...


(Snore... snore...)

And that's the end of that.

My apologies. A strange dog kidnapped my phone.
So if you called, I could not have helped you.
However, I have recovered it.
And you are still in that room, are you not?
What a good child you are.
There are a few puzzles ahead that I have yet to explain.
It would be dangerous to try to solve them yourself.
Be good, alright?

Onwards, into the Ruins!

Whimsun can be Spared from turn 1, or can be Terrorized into fleeing. Both will grant the white title "Still A Bit Guilty."

Consoling it, though, grants the yellow title "Braver Every Day."

For no reason in particular... Which do you prefer?
Cinnamon or butterscotch?
...wait. Do not tell me.

Hee hee hee. I had a feeling.
When humans fall down here, strangely... I...
I often feel like I already know them.
Truthfully, when I first saw you, I felt... I was seeing an old friend for the first time.
Strange, is it not?
Well, thank you for selection.

A little more bonus dialogue from doing a non-true reset.

By the way, you don't need to push all three rocks in this puzzle, just the obstinate one.

Moldsmal is another monster that can be Spared with no effort. Doing so grants the white title "Found A New Cave."

If you Flirt with it before Sparing it, you get the yellow title "Backup Dancer".

There's only one way to peacefully defeat Napstablook, so there's no white title.

There used to be a Froggit right here who explained how to skip text by pressing X.

Since I already have been doing that, it's not here.

(Surely you know by now a monster wears a YELLOW name when you can SPARE it.)

(Really? Then, I'll tell all of my friends to tell their friends' friends...)
(Never use yellow names. How about that?)

OK, I will let them know not to use yellow names.

Starting now, enemy names appear in white during battles, even when they can be Spared.

Migosp can be Spared after sparing all other enemies it appears with. Doing so grants the white title "Dedicated Yesman."

But, if you Talk to it after it's been pacified, it gets the yellow title "Casually Enjoys Life."

If you backtrack after getting called by Toriel in this room, you can catch a glimpse of Flowey following from the shadows.

The most obvious method of Sparing Vegetoid is Dinner, which is also how to get the yellow title "Popular Nutritionist."

However, once it's ready to be Spared, you can also Devour it to regain 7 HP. This doesn't kill it, but it does shift it down to the white title "Pushy Grocer."

I buy a Spider Donut. I'll be holding onto it for a while.

Loox is very easy to properly Spare - just Don't Pick On. It grants the yellow title "Reformed Bully."

If you just run away, never encounter one, or otherwise don't do that, it gets the white title "Slightly Bully-like."

I'm thinking I'll skip the Ribbon.

Pressing the wrong switch during this puzzle drops me into a small room that leads back to the start of the puzzle.

Ruins cleared. Damage taken: Zero.

Not a scratch... Impressive! But still...
I should not have left you alone for so long.
It was irresponsible to try to surprise you like this.
Well, I suppose I cannot hide it any longer.
Come, small one!

Home proceeds as normal.

She tells me to fight or run away.

So, I do the latter.

Go upstairs.

Well, good night.

Someone else's memory.

I guess I'd better be more determined.

I save Toriel as normal.

Toriel says farewell... but I don't leave the Ruins.

Instead, I go all the way back.

I found her!

Someone has to take care of these flowers.

Yup, that's it.

This whole thing happens.

Next time, Snowdin!