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by Psychodude

Part 1: Booms and belles:

Welcome to the LP topic for Uninvited for the NES. It's an interesting adventure game similar to Deja Vu or Shadowgate. Text in bold is part of the actual game script and stuff in italics are my feeble attempts at commentary. Anyway, lets get on with it!

Chapter 1: Booms and belles:

shadowy figure appearing in the road in front of you.
You heard your sister cry out as you swerved the car into this tree.
You realize that you are alone. Your sister must have gone for help.

Leaving your unconscious body in the totaled car with gas leaking everywhere. Thanks sis.
The smell of gasoline fills the air. You must have punctured the tank. You pry yourself from the steering wheel, intent on finding your sister!!

Well, not THAT intent, really. I'm happy to just chill in the car for a while. What's the worst that could happe-

Oh dear...


That didn't take long.

Fine, I'll get out of the car.

Damn you, effort!

I imagine him saying this with a look on his face.
You find yourself in front of an old mansion. It gives you the creeps.
Mansions have loot! Let's bust in!

Aw... Well, at least we can raid the mailbox!

Opening it reveals...

Let's read the guy's mail!

My health prevents me from aiding you in your battle against the evil Dracan. You teach your students well: they become too powerful for their own good. Enclosed is an amulet that should look familiar. Wear it and think of me. The undead will surely fear it. Still the evil, my friend: set it free for the sake of the family. Fare thee well.
There's also a pendant in there. We, being the kleptomaniacs we are, take it. When we do...

Yeah, we'll just walk in, loot the place blind find our sister and walk out.

Well... maybe scratch the "walk out" part...

Still, it seems strangely oppressive.
Let's take a look at the furniture.

Jackpot! I knew these folks were loaded!

NOTHING'S WORKING OUT TODAY! Fine, let's look at the sofa.

Something... hard? Weird. Let's check out the room on the right.

That book on the table might be worth something! Yoink!

Wonder what it's about...

if it is used properly, good may result from it. If it is not used properly, terrible things can happen. What follows are a few magical spells.

If the path is barred

You memorize the magic words. Ah!! The disappeared.

Yay! We have magic! Let's check out the other door in the foyer.

Not paranoid at all! Well, let's check out one of those rooms...

She looks nice! Let's talk to her.

Thank you for coming back to me, my love. You will be mine forever.
Forever? We're not ready for that kind of commitment. So we hit her in the back of the head!


That didn't work.