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Part 2: Chapter two: Kleptomania, Voyeurism and Vandalizing.

Chapter two: Kleptomania, Voyeurism and Vandalizing.
In the previous update, we were engulfed in a gas explosion and horribly mutilated by an evil ghost lady. Not a good time. Let's hope we do better this time!

Instead of bugging the ghost lady, we go upstairs. There's lots of rooms to snoop in here. Let's start with the first one on the right.

Commence looting!

Never leave your house for a haunted mansion without it!

Wonder what's in here?

We found someone's skin bin! Now let's check the second room on the right.

Note the fuck-off big axe in the corner. You KNOW I stole that.
Let's see what's happening upstairs!

Has someone been kept there as punishment for betraying the master?
Naughty boys get PUNISHED!
When we open the door...

In a deathly dry voice, it says, "There is no escape from here. There is no escape... no escape...
His voice fades out as the image fades.

I'm not one to take advice from some stupid skeleton! Get in the cell!

Fuck! Oh well, I'm sure we can get out.

Aw crap.

Ok, we WON'T willfully imprison ourselves (even though we deserve it). Instead, we head downstairs and try the first room on the left.

Our rampage of petty theft continues!

Deciding that he wants to know more about the guy he's robbing, our hero reads his diary.

He is easily corrupted by the dark spirits of greed and power. My servant, more aware than I, sealed his star in my hingeless box. They're locked away, beyond his stare. I've hidden the key, a chair knows where.
Ok, enough plot development. Let's loot his closet!

Fine, we'll just loot your bathroom instead.

You know what you must do.

And, just for good measure...

Preeeeeeetty. Ok, time for the second room on the left.

You've felt this before! The urge to steal! To destroy! Yeeeesssss.

Yes! More destruction! Mwahahahahaha!



Relaxed after my psychotic rampage, I search the bedroom a bit better.

I'm just FULL of reading material now! Let's start with the diary.

Master's servant will pay for his betrayal. The vehicle of my power has not yet served it's purpose. When it sets me free, I will have a chance to realize me unlimited potential. The forces of the technological society will be unprepared for the likes of me. I will not be denied. Victory is inevitable. Sounds like a nice guy. Too bad we'll never meet. Wonder what's in the scroll?

You memorize the magic words. Ah!! Scroll 1 disappeared.
It's a little known fact that magical text manufacturers intentionally cast spells on their products so that they disappear when read. It improves sales. Oh yeah, we learned the spell "Dolldoll", but I was too slow to screencap it. Meh.

Lastly, the third room on the right. It seems pretty boring in here. Oh well. Let's at least look in the dresser.

OH FUCK YEAH! Things are turning around for me!

After that, I decide to wander around the mansion. You know, just kick it for a bit...

Oh my. I think I may be coming down with something. Ah well. I better relax for a while...




Itchy. Tasty.