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Unreal Gold

by valkhorn

Part 4: Depths of Rajigar and Sacred Passage

Part 004 - Depths of Rajigar and Sacred Passage


In this episode I decide to find the secret translator messages as we play. Fortunately the god/fly modes don't really interrupt gameplay and as long as all the enemies are killed we should be okay. Plus, I'd rather show them in context. This section introduces us to another VERY useful weapon, and gives us yet more armor which is almost making us immune, but not quite. We have another neat mechanism as well - a moving platform that can give us a lift.

Also: I'm finding that this game compared to Heretic (my last LP) is a breath of fresh air. So far, the battles haven't been too horrible and they've been brilliantly spaced out - even on Hard mode. There's also a great variety of weapons - and the music is a great ambiance.