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Part 10: Terraniux Underground and Terraniux

Part 010 - Terraniux Underground and Terraniux


This video covers both Terraniux levels. With one of the best soundtracks in the game (Isotoxin), this level seriously amps up the action. We get two new enemies, plenty of tough old enemies, and a lot of switching/jumping puzzles to deal with. I had to do several takes of this episode because it is difficult, but the final cut worked out very well indeed. I used to dislike having to go through this area, but now that I'm old enough to appreciate it, I love it. The level design, the music, and the chance to test out your new weapon makes this amazing. Aren't you glad we got the Flak Cannon for this?

Link to the original track, Isotoxin:
(I had to link to the one that did NOT refer to it as a 'song', since nobody's singing...)

Also, it's nice that the music changed from something akin to an early season of Star Trek to something more techno. It helps the atmosphere a LOT.