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Part 13: ISV-Kran Deck 4

Part 013 - ISV-Kran Deck 4


So this is the ISV-Kran our other (dead) crewmates were talking about. This is a rather large ship, with 4 decks, and as you guessed it is infested with Skaarj. What do I mean by infested ? You'll find out in the first section of the video. They literally come out of nowhere to fight you, and they will keep coming a few sections. You also will get jumping puzzles, a new weapon, and be able to do something really fun and sadistic with all of these Skaarj you're going to have to deal with...

And yes, I know it's 'save scumming' and not 'save scrumming' - at least I learned that the day AFTER this was recorded.