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Part 24: Cellars at Dasa Pass - Chapter 1

Part 024 - Cellars at Dasa Pass - Part 1


I'm aware some viewers aren't preferential to sneaking around and trying to go through areas unscathed - but I'm using this as a test of strategy. Many people speed through this game and take plenty of hits, and I'm just curious how far you can make it without getting hit, and what strategies are involved in doing so. There's no time limit on the game, so why not employ a bit of strategy? This level is rather long, and has about 100 enemies, so I decided to break it up a bit. The first part involves a very long battle between a Stone Titan, Krall (plural), and yourself, annoyingly placed tentacles, and plenty of nasties in the water. Even with editing, the episode approaches 20 minutes, so this will likely be 2 or 3 parts. Also, I will be honest in that there was some save scumming going on - but if you play this game by yourself you will likely save frequently. So, why not use it to make an interesting LP even if it takes more time? Enjoy!