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Original Thread: RISK Management, the Game. Let's Play Vagrant Story [VLP]



What is this?

Released in 2000, Vagrant Story was one of the final original games released by Square for the Playstation.

The game was developed with an iconic team led by Yasumi Matsuno (Tactics Ogre series, Final Fantasy Tactics and XII). Members included other Ivalice series alums Jun Akiyama (Event Director) who co-wrote with Matsuno, Akihiko Yoshida whose artistic style has returned for Bravely Default, and a score composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto.

Aside from personnel, is there anything else connecting this with the Ivalice games?

A lot of winks, nods, and references. Similar themes and styles are common too (The game is framed In Terminas Res, like Tactics). Sadly, beyond fan service and easter eggs, it is not.

The Game

The story follows Ashley Riot, Riskbreaker of the Valdenia Knights of the Peace as he pursues a powerful cultist with a hostage of nobility through the ruined city of Leá Monde. If you ignore the manual, or the second movie that plays from the title screen, you won't know that the events you play through have already happened, and you go through the game to see what leads up to it.

This is an Action RPG with quite a few features that are still around today, like equipment customization and regenerating health. Baffling enough, despite being released before Final Fantasy X and without voiced cutscenes; this game has skippable cut scenes and better lip synching.

The LP

I'll show off what I know, but admit I don't know everything, just enough to be dangerous. Feedback is welcome if you see me doing something completely wrong, or if you have a strategy on an upcoming boss.

That being said, no story spoilers. As for the suggestions I asked for above just keep it generic (use 'such and such attack', no need to say it's a dragon).

Like Tactics, the game graces us with not one, but two movies if you remain idle on the title screen (Tactics had three).

Without my Muttering here

Note – I have not commented on this video, as the bulk of this is presented through cutscenes in “The Greylands Incident” The differences between these can be chalked up to the story being pieced together from witnesses; it's a dramatization based on unreliable evidence. The game is the “truth”... or is it?

The Game Begins here.

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