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Part 1: Post-Game and Mechanics

Miscellaneous updates

Armor combination

Weapon Combination

Now that I'm able to start bending weapons to my will, I'll show a very, very brief summary of what combines with what into what.

For a full description beyond my cliffs noes version, please check out this list: (note there are some spoilers to the 'rare' weapons, as far as that they exist).

Consider this a general footprint of any other Type x Type combination, with minor differences. The sweet spot you really want to target early on is a given tier weapon combined with a tier or two better.
For most things, this is a great idea and can't go wrong. There are things to be wary about though. I could have gone right after Duane and combined the rapier with the scimitar and got a 'better' weapon. However, the rapier is the only piercing sword, and wanted to keep that in this playthrough. I am very glad I did since the alternatives to piercing are either a dagger (horrible range) or 2 handed (no shield, basically double, likely leathal damage on AoE attacks). Maybe a single-handed axe, but meh to that.

Now we're fast approaching the point where that rule changes. The ante-penultimate (usually tier 10, aside from axe/mace, staves, or crossbows) weapons don't abide by that rule. They combine with themselves to go up a rank (Rank 10 + Rank 10 = Rank 11. 2 Rank 11s make a Rank 12, the best that can be made).

When you combine one type of weapon with another, things get stranger. Most combinations turn into one blade or the other, and unless you're trying to push affinity or class bonuses onto another weapon really isn't a useful plan.

But combine one blade of a given tier with a second type of similar quality and the result changes to a third type. Polearms and daggers can become a sword, great sword, or crossbow of decent quality. Keep this in mind in a video or two. If I didn't get that shamshir to drop earlier I would be exploiting this feature to get the second best creatable sword like I do all my other play-throughs.

Found this on the oocites archive; Much easier to see weapon combinations, but at the cost of being crazy huge.

Update Title Decoder Ring
Most of the video titles are tenuously attached to something in the video. In case it isn't clear what, here's what passed for a thought process:

Without a Thrace – The Rhomphia is a Thracian weapon.
Apocrypha – as a bonus episode of sorts, stories contemporary of the Bible might be familiar, but are not canon.
EMET – the Hebrew word to bring a golem to life
Goliath – The Philistine Giant that David defeated. Duane is that type of roadblock when not being recorded.
Epimethius – Prometheus’s (forethought) slower brother, for all the “oh yeah, couldda did that” moments.
Subsiste – Stop, Hammer Time. My fixation on the Fire Elementals hammer pants.
Karkinos – The crab buddy of Hydra, who pinched at Hercules’ heels while he murdered the Hydra.
Ichthys – Greek for Fish.
Lantern Waste – The entry point of Narnia, another mysterious forest.
Izuna Drop – The Dark Elemental has a mask like Vega from Street Fighter, Izuna Drop is one of his attacks.
Moria - Some book has a mine called that filled with Orcs. Maybe the Nibelungeng saga?
Rule 76 – Ferengi’s Rules of Acquisition - “Every once and awhile, declare peace. It confuses the hell out of your enemies” The game being very nice to me with getting through that room with the Imps.
Meine Lichen – Meine Liebschen, my love.
Malleus Malificarum – The Witches Hammer, the book for identifying witches, including the torture impliments to get confessions.
The Sound of One Hand Clapping – I think it was supposed to be a pun on the Zen Koan and the Hand of Light, but the Hand of Light didn’t feature heavilly in the episode?
To Vex – A possible translation of the word “Gremlin,” plus the problems I had in the recording.
Path to Phillipi – As the story is reaching the climax, in the play Julius Caesar the ghost of Caesar foretells Brutus “Meet me at Phillipi” where he meets his end.
Curly – Aria of Sorrow’s butchering of Kali’s name.
Scheherazade – the storyteller of 1001 Arabian Nights, stories that featured djinn.
15:11-32 – Gospel of Luke, the parable of the Prodigal Son, in this case the revelation of Sydney.
Acta Est Fabula, Plaudete. Latin for “The Play is Over, applaud” as this is the end of the plot.
Vox Absurdi – Rather than Vox Populi (voice of the people), Voice of absurdity as I ramble about my theories.
Curb Stomp – nothing but brutality
The Road Not Taken – A Robert Frost poem about travelling in the woods. Since I’m going off path, I’m taking the road less traveled.
This Way to the Egress – Escapeway video, PT Barnum allegedly put signs teasing this in his museums to try and trick people into getting to the exit by making it sound interesting.
Key to the City – Got the Gold Key
Dissiper – French for Clear, as in clearing up the Grimoire translations.
Victoria Supra Mors – Victory over Death, which is what happened.
Fear of the Dark – Iron Maiden Song
Idylls of the Kang – Arthurian Legend Idylls of the King, with the Engrishy Translation Twist
Broken Chain – no chain abilities
Close Enough for VKP Work – Close enough for government work, a quick and dirty end to the series to keep it from lingering on beyond a second Four Job Fiesta season.