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Part 3: 1

Okay after some encoding errors with viddler it looks like everything is go for:

Chapter 4: Operation Cloudburst (Part 1)


Internal Strife, Welkin's Boast, The Plan, The Crossing


We can now access Castlefront St. and the War Cemetary at headquarters.

Castlefront St. lets us check out news of the latest happenings in Europa and purchase special Ellet chapters. The Ellet chapters tend to focus on individual members of squad 7 and about half have battles in them.

The War Cemetery is the second place we can use the exp we earn in battles. Every so often our veteran friend will offer to teach us an order in exchange for experience. The order offered is random. We picked up sniper support which does (usually) non-lethal damage to a single enemy infantry unit for 2 cp.

To expound upon orders: An order is an ability which can be used once per-phase at the cost of CP. Effects and costs vary. Most orders boost unit stats, but some do direct damage, retreat units, etc. Orders are gained both from leveling up your classes and direct purchase.

By popular demand Dallas has been added to active duty.

I've also brought Hector, who we just got this chapter.

Ellet Embedded:

Our first Ellet chapter
, wherein key members of squad 7 are interviewed.

Info Tabs and Potentials:

The game gives us information about the world and squad 7 through the personnel, weaponry, and glossary screens.

I've categorized and zipped the information in question. I've also included the current potentials (traits) of our active duty squad 7 members. If you want you can get it link dead.

Also a poster at gamespot made a list of every potential's effect here.

The best potentials are unlocked as classes level up so our current lineup is a bit lackluster.

Next time: Gameplay Returns