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Part 5

I don't even know where to begin with the discussion on this page. Er... how about an update?


We have two recruits this chapter.

Edy is a shocktrooper who is the star of one of the two DLC missions. I don't think there have been any requests for her use so I'll leave her be for now.

Catherine is an awesome sniper and English. Well can you even be English in Europa? Awesome anyway.

I decided to kick Oscar to make room for Catherine.

Welcome aboard surperior sniper.

I did some upgrades to keep squad 7 up to date. Aside from maxing our infantry equipment I got the first ammo capacity upgrade for the Edelweiss.

We're also in the news now:

Finally we did some training:

Chapter 5: The Kloden Wildwood


Severing the Supply Line, Maximilian and the Triumviri, A Path Uncovered, Countless Tiny Losses


Wildwood Warfare at Kloden


Taking the Supply Base