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Part 7: 1


Retreat may sound silly, but it's quite good. You can use it to pull out units that are about to die, or ones far from a camp so they can be replaced with reinforcements.

As usual we have two new recruits. This time Marina and Juno.

Between the two Marina is the awesome one, but I ended up subbing Juno in as well.

We now have all the snipers in the game and will only be using Marina and Catherine except in exceptional circumstances.

Well uh, it's not like we're really going to use either of you. Have fun I guess.

Well someone has to have use for tears right?

Our weapon upgrades will have splitting development paths soon. Also accuracy good!

News on the march!

Chapter 7: The Battle at Barious (Part 1)


Report: Largo's Passion
Story: Secure the Trade Route
Battle: Vegetable Route Incident
Story: Largo's Dream


A History Unfolds, The Darcsen Calamity, Inside the Spiral, First Contact

Next time: A showdown the likes of which this game has not yet seen.

I prefer working with video to screenshots myself so unless it becomes impossible down the road I'm going to stick with video for battles as long as possible.