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Part 11


Our old friend was kind enough to teach us my favorite order. Mortar Support costs 3 CP and does heavy damage to infantry within a set radius of the target. It's great for clearing up enemy packs and usually one hits snipers.

Gallian Tribune ACTION NEWS:

We're finally on to branching weapon upgrades. Most weapons can be upgraded for pure damage, accuracy, and adding a debuff to enemies.

Lancers will be able to use mortar type lances when they reach level 11 elite status.

We have two new engineers this chapter neither of which I will be using barring requests.

Behold, we actually have a variety of weapons to choose from now:

When equipped, R&D weapons give us the choice of equiping the weapon to all units of the class in question.


Sweeter words were never spoken. Flamethrowers are a cover piercing, high damage, close range weapon for shocktroopers.

Chapter 9: A Midsummer Incident


The Invitation, Castle Randgriz, Far from the Battlefield, The Valkyrian Bloodline, Dreams of the Sky


Kidnapping of Cordelia


Of Will and Fate, The Award Ceremony, Fears of a Patriot

Not to repeat myself from the video, but it would have really been cool if they did more with the Federation in this game.