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Part 25: DLC1

Well then let's get going with some of that DLC.

EX Reports: Behind Her Blue Flame (Part 1)

Story I
Battle: Assault on Ghirlandaio
Story II

I had bgm off for the recording of the story portions, a mistake on my part which is harder to go back and correct since you can't access the DLC content in the same storybook format as the main campaign. My apologies.

This is actually my first time playing through the DLC. I was expecting each one to be one mission long, but it looks like I was mistaken. The missions seem fun enough, but the story is pretty painful even by Valkyria Chronicles standards.

On the other hand we get to learn neat things like  that General Damon wasn't just a jerk he was a war criminal.  If squad 7 wasn't so darn likable I'd have trouble rooting for the Gallians.