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Valkyrie Profile

by ApplesandOranges

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Original Thread: Let's Play Valkyrie Profile, not Mortal Profile!



Valkyrie Profile was a commercially and critically successful game developed by tri-Ace and published by Square-Enix, released in 1999 (2000 for North America), relating to the tale of the Valkyrie Lenneth and an ongoing war among the gods. The game eventually spawned two games related to it, and was also re-released as a PSP port in 2006. I'll be covering the original NA version.

Table of Contents

Chapter 0

Part 0-1
Part 0-2
Part 0-3: The Princess and the Mercenary
Part 0-4

Chapter 1

Part 1-1: Destiny's Design
Part 1-2: Shot Through the Heart
Part 1-3
Part 1-4

Chapter 2

Part 2-1: Soul Man
Part 2-2: Injustice for the Just
Part 2-3
Part 2-4

C Ending

Chapter 2 Sacred Phase

Chapter 3

Part 3-1: Shot From the Dark
Part 3-2: Mermaid's Tears
Part 3-3: A Hard Miracle
Part 3-4
Part 3-5
Part 3-6

Chapter 3 Sacred Phase

Chapter 4

Part 4-1: Dragonborn
Part 4-2: All One Can Do
Part 4-3
Part 4-4

Chapter 4 Sacred Phase

Chapter 5

Part 5-1: Badrach Was Here! Freya Is A Loser!
Part 5-2: Be a Man (Swift as a Coursing River)
Part 5-3: Alone
Part 5-4

Chapter 5 Sacred Phase

Chapter 6

Part 6-1: Shades of Grey
Part 6-2: Requiem
Part 6-3
Part 6-4

Chapter 6 Sacred Phase

Chapter 7

Part 7-1: Colour of Death
Part 7-2

Chapter 7 Sacred Phase

Chapter 8

Part 8-1: Of Gods and Men

Part BE-1
Part BE-2
Part BE-3

Hard Mode

Part H0-1

Part H3-1

Part H4-1: 'Til Death Do Us Part
Part H4-2
Part H4-3

Part H5-1
Part H5-2: Sleeping Beauty
Part H5-3

Part H6-1

Part H7-1: Legacy of the Past
Part H7-2
Part H7-3

Part H8-1
Part H8-2

Intermission: Prologue

Part AE-1
Part AE-2
Part AE-3

Sacred Phase Scenes

Part AE-4


Part SG-1
Part SG-2
Part SG-3


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