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Part 3: Part 0-3: The Princess and the Mercenary

The Princess and the Mercenary

This next bit has lots of Arngrim voiced dialogue in-between no voice dialogue sections. For that reason I've lumped the next portion into a Youtube video here as well as transcribing it, as well as individual audio links to some more significant parts.

But the journey was uneventful and by the third day we were halfway there.


Grrr, that Lombert...

You mean it wasn't the agent who hired us?

Hey, bodyguard. Something's coming up behind you!


Knights! And lots of them!


Hey, hold up!

Let's get out of here!

Badrach has a goofy run sprite.

Hey, hold on a sec!! Wha!?

Listen: Arngrim Monologue 2

It was that little tomboy princess...



Hmph! Damn that Lombert! He totally screwed this!

You filthy...! You knew!?

No, I didn't know what was IN the damn thing! It's just that my, uh, client was Lombert like always, and...

Did those soldiers know that Lombert...

Eh? No way, can't be. The guy's a Villnore spy, ya know.


Nobody was s'posed to know what was in the thing, man! If Villnore got their hand on the princess, they'd have Artolia in the palm of their hand.

Listen: Arngrim Monologue 3

Ah, Arngrim... It hurts... Help me... Save me!!

Jelanda is voiced by Rachael Lillis. The Pokemon characters this time are Misty, Jessie and Jigglypuff, all played by Lillis - she also reprised her role as Jigglypuff in the Super Smash Bros. series. Aside from her multiple roles in anime, she had a few roles in Winx Club.



Hey, what's going on? Jelanda?

Umm, because the princess was unconscious, the captain told us to give her this medicine that he got from Lombert...

Isn't that... the princess!?

Listen: Arngrim Monologue 4

He knew the abduction might be discovered, so he sent some "medicine" along with the search party - If we made it all the way to Villnore, no problem. But if we were discovered, the cavalry would use the "medicine"... He knew the princess would be unconscious if she was found.

The medicine's effect was as you see. The princess became a monster, and afterwards, all were dead.

Perhaps even the princess...

Ghoul Powder?

Yeah. It turns a person into a howling demon. Necromancers use the stuff all the time.

Lombert is... a necromancer?


Angela? You mean Jelanda? What're you talking about? It's time we got back to Artolia. I'm getting out of here. See ya!

Listen: Arngrim Monologue 5

Even on the field of battle, I'd never felt like this.

Lombert... I'm going to kill you. But-

What will become of Jelanda....

OST: Turn Over a New Leaf

Stop!! That's...!!

Human, life is not something to be thrown away. If you are a true warrior, you will find your path in the maelstrom of battle.

The Battle-Maiden, Valkyrie?

Of the endless war the gods wage with the creatures of darkness.

Youtube clip ends here.

OST: Confidence in the Domination

Come to me dark warriors, battle awaits us!

Actual gameplay! We're up against poor Jelanda, and we finally get to use Lenneth, with Freya tagging along. This battle is really impossible to lose however, we're much more powerful, and Freya takes no damage from the Ghoul's attacks anyway.

We'll get to talking about Lenneth and Freya when we get into a proper battle. For now, feel free to watch them smash Jelanda to death.


Listen: Arngrim Monologue 7

You think it's foolish, brother, because you're content with what you have.

You're wrong!!

It was through others' misfortune that I felt myself to be strong. That's right... I was myself without morals. Who was I to judge others? Who was I to look down on them? Injustice. I began to realize that the King and I were very much the same-


Ah, I thought you might show up sooner or later. You really should have just run away... It will avail you nothing to cause a disturbance here, young man.

Maybe not, but! It'll sure as hell "avail" me to smash your face in!!

I see... Arngrim, you may be a genius when it comes to the battlefield, but you know little.


Magic, Arngrim. Heh heh heh... Let me show you.



Listen: Lenneth and Jelanda

Save? How do you think he might be saved?

Eh... I... I...

By being allowed to continue to live? Or by being chosen by me?


I'd have believed it if you ran away. But... could a human really have defeated a Ghoul? I can't imagine...

What...!? Ah, now I understand. We have a little conspiracy here, don't we?

Conspiracy? Hah! I hear you're the expert on that subject!

And now we're up against Lombert, sans Freya. This battle is still pretty much a cakewalk, however.

As our first actual human enemy, Lombert is a Sorcerer. Sorcerers are a bit of a special class (which I'll get to once we get to play with one of our own), but essentially, they cast spells for their attacks. Lombert uses the Fire Storm spell. For this battle though, there really isn't much to him, we're just trading blows til he goes down.

And down he goes.


Arngrim swiftly chops down all but one.

(These slipshod soldiers think they can call me "rebel scum"?)

Look, friend, don't expect me to do you any favours. I'm not going to die.

Vainglorious human... Strength is not everything.

Hmph. You're one to talk, death goddess!!

Such words will result in your certain death!!

Eh? You... you knew?

Heh heh heh... I see... So you're safe, little one.

I have one question. Aren't you just a death-goddess?

A god of death is merely responsible for the snuffing out of lives. I, however, can show you the path...


Yes. However, you must walk it on your own.


Listen: Arngrim and Jelanda

Consider it a gift.

It seems we'll be spending quite a bit of time together.

...That it does, little one. Quite a bit indeed....


Jelanda official renders.