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Part 6: Part 1-2: Shot Through the Heart

Shot Through the Heart

Our next stop is Crell Monferaigne.


OST: When a Person Changes

I love to just stand here and listen to the rustling leaves. When the wind blows just right, it sounds just like waves lapping on a shore.

I never noticed it before. Now, I know what they mean by a "sea of trees".

Yes. That's why I wanted you to come here.


Llewynn is 18, if you're wondering.

So you knew...

Yes. That's why. My mother told me to forget you...

Maybe you should listen to her, Millia.

Don't say that! I'm going to wait for you... When I come here I feel like I'm closer to you.

But not just that. It's more than that. I feel like you're really here. Here together with me...


I promise I won't die. Wait for me.

I will.


(They said it was a war we could not lose.)

Music stops.


OST: Through a Thin Haze

I told her no, of course. All she cares about is her own social status, anyway. She's just wasting her time. I'll never marry anyone else...

No! This noise... it's all wrong! An empty coffin...


Listen: Llewynn

Are you certain about this?

What can I possibly say? There are no words...

If you believe that we cannot do anything for you humans, then you are mistaken.


The death of a loved one. For those that remain, the wounds grow deeper and deeper... They that remain grow weaker and weaker, an agony incomparable, their hearts in bondage.

Can you not see it? She has ceased to live, frozen in time. It is the same as if you had slain her with one of your arrows.

So what should I...

There is no need to pretend. Simply do what you can.

Llewynn is voiced by Tara Sands. While another Pokemon actress, she would probably be less instantly recognizable, though she had multiple roles, including that of Bulbasaur. Aside from that, she was also Kaiba in Yu-Gi-Oh! and Filia Ul Copt in Slayers Try.



Forgive me... I'll always be watching over you...


Like with Belenus, if you visit Crell Monferaigne before getting Llewynn's Spiritual Concentration, you can visit him as well as Millia (whose parents are pestering her to forget Llewynn). If you visit afterwards, Millia will still be there (but has nothing to say besides elipses). Instead, heading to the woods to the right of the town:

It is a necklace. It is worn by women who pray for the safe return of their lovers...

The Goddess Pendant is an accessory that provides 50% Darkness protection.

Llewynn official render.