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Part 9: Part 2-1: Soul Man

Soul Man

Artolia was leading quite well early on, but then Hai-Lan crept up, and then surpassed. I have to admit, I was surprised.


Rain really increases gif size.

He has gone on a quest to find medicine to treat my eyes...

I see.


Then I shall slay this Ogre!


No! NOOO!!!


Could it be? It must have been my brother!! ...My brother and I are twins.

Ah, of course. He said to give you this amulet. I've been holding it for you.

Why... here?

Well, he knew you were coming here, didn't he?


OST: Turn Over a New Leaf

And what will your soul project upon this dark cave?

Soul? I possess no such thing.


Which would your sister prefer. You dying so that she may live on, or you surviving to be by her side when she dies?

One cannot get something for nothing in this world. If it is life you seek, then it is life you must pay.


I offer you the Soul Stone, in exchange for your life.

I thought I made it clear that I shall not die today. I never had any intention of accepting your bargain.


Then I will take it by force!


'Tis a foolish demon, that seeks to deal with humans.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! Is it because you value blood over all else, that you never tire of the sight of it? ...That is typical of a human soul. And now it is the soul of a demon. You and I are one!!

Music stops.


There are no demons here. You were merely confronting your own soul.

The Ogre was my own soul?

Humans are often misled by the truth. This whole cavern is a dark mirror, where one must confront their own soul. I understand how you feel, human. But you must understand what your warped soul has done. As twins, your life and your sister's are forever intertwined. You cannot help but influence each other's existence. So is it your sister's eyes that have become clouded...

Or is it your own soul?

My soul...? I did this... To her?

Jun actually doesn't have a voiced line in his recruitment. That said, he's voiced by Scottie Ray. While he's also a VA for Pokemon, he mostly played additional voices, his prominent role probably being Alder. He might be more recognizable as the voice of Zane Truesdale in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.


But what I wanted was...

I'm sure everything is fine, why do you think this?


So, the implication is that Lenneth let Jun give the amulet to the priest, like what she let Llewelyn do for Millia. While there's nothing left for Jun if you go back to Hai-Lan, we can visit him before his Spiritual Concentration in Hai-Lan:

Hmm... no, I don't think so.

Next time: Law and Order

Jun character artwork.