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Part 10: Part 2-2: Injustice for the Just

Injustice for the Just

Artolia's our next stop.



Please check again.

He killed Princess Jelanda, Lord Lombert, and thirty soldiers of the guard! The situation is clear.


Please understand.

So the guy Arngrim didn't want to fight right before he suicided? Lawfer's dad.


Listen: Lawfer

Please, let's just stop, Arngrim. I'm not a genius like you.

Genius? That's what losers say. He's "different". He's "special".

Pick up your spear. All you can do is your best.

Lawfer is voiced by Maddie Blaustein, who also voiced Arngrim. So yes, she's talking to herself here.


Yeah, it looks like he's gone berserk or something.


Ho ho. You must be a content man indeed, if that's the way you think.


Are you just a blade of grass to be blown in the wind?


Please look after Roland for me. See you later.

Stop right there. Do you really expect your friends to just sit by quietly while you go to meet your own death?


There are many who would agree.

But there are many who would not.

About him being "special"?

You're wrong!

It's not like that...


In this line of work, I know there are times when you have to just grit your teeth and face death.

But that doesn't mean you should just throw your life away!

Hey, let's all go together. There's no reason to go it alone! If we all go, then-

That's not a typo in Celia's line, by the way - it's spelled like that in-game. It's hard to tell from the Spiritual Concentration, but I think it was supposed to be 'go in'.

Even though he understood what it would do to Roland?

It's not just that. He didn't want to draw his sword against my father. And so he-


When I think of how he must have felt-


I am grateful that you chose a name for me that begins with "Law".


And... that's it. Scene ends, Lawfer's in our party. No indication of how he died. Best assumption is that he attempts to break Roland (who was imprisoned after Arngrim's death) out of jail, intending to leave him in the care of Celia and Kashell, and dies in the attempt.

Since we never see Roland again after this, it can be assumed he's either in hiding, or (more likely) that he also dies in the attempt, and since he's clearly unsuited for battle Lenneth can't even swoop in and recruit him, either.

Lawfer character artwork.