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Part 13: C Ending

C Ending

Let's play 'what if'. The Evaluation value goes down as time passes by and as you pick up artifacts without sending them to Odin. The easiest way to fix this is usually to send up an Einherjar to Asgard. But what if we just sit there and twiddle our thumbs?

The Niebelungun Ring will also drop our Evalutation Value if we have it unequipped at the start of a Sacred Phase. Let's see Freya's responses when we're not exactly doing so well...

When your Evaluation value drops below 25 and you exit a town or dungeon, Freya shows up for a friendly reminder.

Lenneth. If you intend to defy the wishes of Lord Odin, then are you prepared for his wrath? Your duty is to find souls suitable to fight in Valhalla as warriors. Do not waste the time remaining to you!

If your Evaluation rating is at 0 at this point, Freya will give you a single point of Evaluation as a last chance as well.



I think you understand now.


Listen: Freya and Lenneth

It is unfortunate, Lenneth, but something has gone deeply wrong inside you, and we have no time to repair a faulty machine. The least I can do is put you into divine sleep by my own hand.

OST: Heads Magic, Tails Curse

And that puts us into an unwinnable boss fight against Freya. Even if you somehow win via cheating, the game acts as if you still lose.

I don't want to die again..!

Damn! ...It can't be!



Listen: Freya and Odin

The primary ego, Lenneth, has been sealed off.

The secondary ego, Hrist, has been placed in Valkyrie's astral body and is ready to be awakened.

I see. I suppose there was no choice.

I'm concerned about her past history with Brahms.

So many questions, all of which will be answered... in due time.

That's also the only use for Evaluation Value. As long as you keep it over 25 (or even above 0), you'll never have to worry about it.