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Part 15: Part 3-1: Shot From the Dark

Shot From the Dark

Our last Einherjar from Crell Monferaigne won the poll.


Hey, long time no see, buddy! You've come back, huh? But hey, man... what're you doing here, anyway? This place is for worthy warriors, ain't it? It ain't no place for cowards!

Get lost!


I'm sorry...


Why would he return now?

Perhaps... He seeks revenge on us...?

Bert and... Ernest. Okay.




What? Let him in.

Very well-

That's right. Mistakes will not be forgiven.


If you had only done this from the start-



Listen: Janus

I'd follow any of the king's orders.

Even if the work is dishonorable?

I was stripped of the rank of knight, and forced out of the city. Ten years. I didn't return for ten years. I was worried about my father... But he...

Do you know not something as simple as your own place?

Nonetheless, you are chosen. You now owe your soul to the gods...


Janus is voiced by Scottie Ray, who also voiced Jun.

Janus' story isn't wholly clear, so I'll put in his biography as well:

A knight of Crell Monferaigne, he was chosen to perform an assassination due to his skill. When it went public, he sacrificed himself rather than betray his country, but his compatriots regarded his sacrifice with contempt.

So basically, he took up an assassination to make his father proud. When it got discovered, he decided to put himself up instead of risking his country, and he got stripped of his rank and exiled. Ten years down, he came back to a town that hates him. One night, he finds someone skulking about and chases him off to find they were stealing secret documents. When he turned them in, hoping this would get him reinstated, he gets shot in the back by the people he was once working with, and is left unmourned saved for a little boy.

Well, that was cheery enough. We can visit Crell Monferaigne before and after his recruitment - Janus is in his house and is silent before his recruitment, and we can find Gunter in the tavern both before and after (who doesn't do anything interesting). For something more useful, if we go to his house after recruiting him:

I sealed her away so that she would never again be used...

The Raven Slayer is a powerful bow that deals bonus damage to birds. It comes with its requisite 5% chance of breaking.

Janus character and concept art.