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Part 17: Part 3-3: A Hard Miracle

A Hard Miracle

Our first, and only, Einherjar from Camille. Why is that?

I'm guessing it would be bad taste to make a joke about being stoned here.

This isn't at all like Ward said! This is... tragic.

A basilisk? A cockatrice? Or... a gorgon? This seems a bit more than any of those beasts could handle...

...Only the people were petrified, nothing else. And there isn't a single person that hasn't been shattered. That's proof that whatever did this was no mere beast... it had intellect!


This is bad...

Anyway, let's look for survivors.


I guess this confirms the currency of Midgard as Oath (or OTH, as it's known in Covenant of the Plume).


This blade... Hey, can you read the writing?

These are ancient runes...! Goodness... they're carved up the entire length of the blade...

By its power the absolute evil of these ruins is contained."

...Absolute evil?


Kashell... Bring me the potion!

...So that's what happened.


...This kid released the evil. She was probably just playing around... Don't you think it's odd, finding a little girl here?


Anyway, there's no need to de-petrify her right now.

...I guess you're right. Maybe we should heal her once we're outside town-

as a reward for releasing me. Wouldn't that have been pleasant...?

You bastard! Come on out and show your face!

...Vile creature, does it please you to perform acts of good shrouded in ill?


Listen: Kashell

I'm not sure... I was so obsessed with it. All I can say is, I guess it was...

You have earned the right to live.

To live?

Yes. The right to life.

Kashell is voiced by Jimmy Zoppi, who also voiced Badrach in Chapter 0.


Another... miracle...? Kashell...


Listen: Celia

But you have to be strong! Kashell will only grieve if you cry...

Celia is voiced by Tara Jayne, who also voices Llewelyn and Yumei.


And that's it for Kashell's recruitment. If we go to Camille before his concentration, we can visit the unpetrified village and talk to NPCs:

And going to the ruins:

After recruiting Kashell, we can go back to Camille, which is still mostly filled with petrified and shattered people. However, in the graveyard:

And indeed, there are useless NPCs in the church. Heading a bit west from the girl:

It appears so.

Even if I carry this, I won't be punished?

The Vainslayer is a powerful greatsword that has 50% increased Dark damage and has a 5% chance of breaking.

Kashell character art.