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Part 19: Part 3-5

Our next dungeon is a bit of a secret most people probably wouldn't even think of on their first playthrough. To get there, we have to visit Camille after we recruit Kashell.

Namely, the tomb is now open.

Say hi to the Oddrock Caves. This is our first dungeon with a puzzle, though it's not a very hard one.

The enemies here are the same as they were in the Gorhla Cult HQ, so nothing new there.

The main difference is our equipment. Ether Scepter brutally massacres all the regular encounters. I'm pretty sure Lenneth and Jelanda/Yumei could take the whole dungeon by themselves.

After a while I actually opt not to go for the one-round kills just to get some crystals/gems.

Our first stop is down to the stairs and to the right, where we have treasure that's blocked by a Dragon Zombie.

I hope you remember what we did.

Each one coughs up about 6,000 experience, which is pretty nice.

The Dragon guards a Bastard Sword (decent weapon, but 6% chance of break) and later on we can find the Defend skill, which is more CP dump for stats.

Further on, we find our gimmick. The statues will slide back and forth over a certain area, and will damage us if we touch it. It can't be destroyed, so we'll just have to jump over them.

Also present are mounted eyes that will periodically shoot a diagonal beam. If we get touched, we're frozen in place for a while and take some damage.

The beams aren't really too hard to dodge if you remember they're there, and you have a fair amount of time between blasts anyway.

Lots of enemies in this one room guarding a Flare Baselard (powerful sword with 50% Fire, but 5% break).

Since Lenneth can equip Grimrist, Yumei can take out all the monsters and Lenneth can take out the Dragon Zombies. Whoever else you bring along is who you want to gain some experience.

Drow Shamans are the one new enemy here. They cast spells, but are otherwise easy to dispose of. They can drop Icicle Edge and Sap Power spells.

Further ahead is an eye beam and an impassable wall of sludge.

First, we set up a crystal...

...Which will deflect the beam onto the sludge and freeze it. We can then shatter it with our sword and get 6,000 event experience.

We also find a copy of Trick Step, which I transmute into Noise Arrow. It allows Archers to do an attack that prevents enemy from casting spells (though there are some enemies where we would prefer that they cast spells).

There's another treasure room with another Dragon Zombie.

I will not get tired of this.

The chests are all booby trapped with arrow traps (jump to the other side to avoid them). The last one has a poison-tipped arrow, too, but coughs up another Dragon Slayer.

Further on is another eye puzzle.

First, we shatter a wall of sludge with a crystal.

We then move forward, and then jump and shoot a crystal at the celling to deflect the reflected beam again.

And finally, create a third crystal to deflect it one last time to freeze another sludge wall and get 12,000 exp. We can only have three crystals out at once, so that's the only way to do it.

One last eye deflection later on ahead...

With a Dragon Zombie right behind the sludge.

I would keep Jun around just for Senko-Jins on appropriate enemies.

Neckless Dolls, dropped by Dragon Zombies, can be transmuted into Scout Orbs. When equipped, they increase the chance of us attacking first if we don't get an initial strike.

Before the boss fight, I switch Jun over to the Daemon Slayer that we got from the Nethov Swamp.

I cannot be defeated by a lowly mortal. Neither can I be defeated by a lowly goddess who relies upon the power of mortals to fight for her.

I believe I will.

Okay, so... apparently I lost all my footage and screenshots of the fight, somehow. So you'll have to take my word on it that the Greater Demon is (shockingly enough) a Demon, and so the Daemon Slayer cuts it up six ways to Sunday.

Not too bad.

The Golden Fowl is a special item - it doesn't do anything by itself, and it can't be transmuted. However, at the start of each chapter, it will produce a Golden Egg, which can be consumed by a character to get bonuses to STR/INT/AGL/DEX, or converted into 4000 MP. More interestingly, they can be converted into Bracelets of Zoe, which grant an additional +300 DME when a characte levels up. Very worth keeping.

The Grand Sting only has one attack, but it has very high power (500 ATK), and has a 50% Lightning bonus. If you can make up for the loss of meter gain, it's better than the Elemental Edge.

And we're done with Camille. We'll be back one last time a couple chapters down the road.

Before finishing, we'll do the Cave of Oblivion.

Unfortunately, we get the exact same configuration as last time (no treasure). So nothing even that interesting to bring up.

The enemies are from last chapter too. How disappointing.

To give Kashell some credit, Air Pressure is a pretty sick looking counterattack, especially on flying foes.

Well that was a bit of a bust. There is one more place that opened up on the western part of the World Map though, that less observant players wouldn't have noticed.

We'll delve into it next time.