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Part 21: Chapter 3 Sacred Phase

Chapter 3 Sacred Phase

Our current situation is...

We are firmly in control.

Do you wish to know the status of our Einherjar?

A quick glance at Llewelyn and Belenus. They don't do anything too notable this time, though it's a little funny that Llewelyn's 'special mission' is clearing the storehouse.

Here's Janus. Let's start with a conversation with Loki.

Oh, nothing...

Yes, I see. Janus, you were once a member of the knighthood, yes?


You sacrificed yourself to protect them, yes? But how did they thank you?

Really? But I wanted to ask you more about it.

I'm sorry, but no.

Oh, what a shame.

Here's what Freya wanted someone skilled at traps for.

Our base in the Sartori region has been occupied by enemy forces. Hurry and liberate the base. Also free Tyr, who has been taken prisoner. We have received reports that the enemy has laid many traps in the fortress. You must be careful to avoid these traps.

Well done, Janus.

Janus' conversation is with Thor, which plays out similarly to that of Belenus, though Janus has a slightly more... interesting response.

It is magnificent.

The Lord Odin is pleased with you.

The second half of that list is more interesting than the first. We get lucky enough to get a new bow for Lenneth, too.

Lenneth, I have a request to make of you...

Can you send us an Einherjar who is as skilled at negotiating as they are? We need a warrior skilled in battle tactics. We need an Einherjar wise in the lore of demons. We need an Einherjar who can gather intelligence.

Spiritual Concentration time!

Listen: Spiritual Concentration 9

"Grey? You? It can't be true!"

"Lelia, hang on! Lelia!"



"Everyone wait! It wasn't you Grey, was it? It can't be! You're-!"

"It was I who did it."

"When we find out where he is, we'll meet up again."

"The signal to meet will be as we planned."

Listen: Spiritual Concentration 10

"Minayo, please grant me strength."

"I thought my anger and sadness were greater than anyone else's."

"Minayo? Minayo!?"

"What can one do when one loses what matters most?"

"This is all I can do!"

We've got two choices once again. Where are we heading first?