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Part 22: Part 4-1: Dragonborn


We have quite a short recruitment sequence today.

I don't care how many times you ask, I'm not going to answer.

...Who are you?

I am a Chooser of the Slain, a Valkyrie.

...Hmmm. And next comes the Death Goddess. Leave me alone! It's too bad. I'm not going to die!

You do not sound like the same woman who was weakly dying moments before. But if you wish...


But to resist this much...

The Dragon Gem... That's just folklore!

Do you not agree with me? Have you discovered yet yourself? It is the search, not the discovery which is the truest pleasure? Don't you agree?




Are you ready to talk?

...You slimy scum!

If you want more, there's plenty more to give!


Listen: Aelia

Why can't they do it yourselves? You're Gods, aren't you?

Though your body may be bound, no physical restraints can shackle your spirit. It is this trait that we recognize in you.

You haven't answered my question, but surely you'll keep your promise.

You want to provide your friends with information? It is a simple request.

Aelia is voiced by Veronica Taylor, who also voices Freya and Fuyuki.


And that concludes today's recruitment. Aelia's recruitment is admittedly short and cryptic, as it's obviously meant to feed into a larger plot thread. That said, if you go back and listen to her Spiritual Concentration again, you might recognize three voices other than her own - Lawfer, Kashell and Celia's.

Here's Kashell's biography again, relevant part bolded:

Disdaining all profit and personal gain, he travels the land in search of adventure. He wields an enormous sword to prepare for his meeting with a certain person. He shows no disdain toward those who fight for their ideals.

It's implied that Lenneth let Aelia pass on her information onto Celia (the last survivor of the three) after her recruitment.

As for Aelia herself, we can meet her before her recruitment, but not in Villnore. Instead, she can be found in Coriander Village:

...Say, are you a traveler too? We girls should stick together!

Aelia character art.