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Part 23: Part 4-2: All One Can Do

All One Can Do

We're off to Hai-Lan!

But I cannot. I must go to the Shrine for the initiation ceremony! It is my duty, my destiny to inherit the power.





Why did you let her go?! Surely you haven't forgotten what misfortune will befall her if she proceeds with the ascension ceremony!

She may not be of our blood, but we've always thought of her as our real daughter.

I know, but now we have to face the truth! It's just so cruel...


Listen: Nanami

(But is blood really that important? What can one do when one loses what matters most?)

(But I won't fail. I will inherit their power, and prove that there is something more important.)

Nanami is voiced by Tara Jayne - also Llewelyn and Yumei.


This is actually part of the Dragoncastle Caverns, which we visited in Chapter 2 - the shrine was also there when we visited.



What was that light?

Minayo? Is that you, Minayo!?

Ah... AHHH!

Sorrowful spirit! Death has brought you no peace. But with my hand-

I cannot ignore this. If I do not intervene, her spirit will unleash great tragedy upon you.

No! This ends now.

I really don't want to... I don't want to die. But... I thought my anger and sadness were greater than anyone else's...

No, that's not it! It's that her anguish hurts me even more than it hurts her.

Then it is you I shall be seeing soon.

Seeing soon...? That's right... I had forgotten about your duty, noble Valkyrie. Thank you.

Let us go.


If we head back to Hai-Lan afterwards, we can find Minayo at the shrine:

The Dragonsbane is a wand with 600 Magic Power. This is twice as strong as the Element Scepter, at the cost of not being able to use Great Magic, however, it can't break. We have the Ether Scepter now though, so unless we really need an extra PWS the Ether Scepter is better.

Final conclusion: Minayo is a dick.

Nanami character art, with bonus inconsistent hair colours.