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Part 28: Part 5-2: Be a Man (Swift as a Coursing River)

Be a Man (Swift as a Coursing River)

Time for our final Einherjar from Crell. Seems like just yesterday we were getting Llew.

No, definitely not Millia's house, re-used for this scene.

But I was fooled by your extraordinary ability with a sword.

Please! Keep this a secret...


Yes, sir...


Thank you, sir.

You're far more skilled than any of these men-

Sir, you promised you wouldn't!

Whoops, sorry.

You did that on purpose! Silly!

...I apologize, sir.

...What's wrong?

Yeah, we should be more serious.

Hmph, now you're just playing with me! Hee hee hee.

It serves you right. Ha ha ha.


But we must have some kind of excuse. Recently we have been clearing up the area around him...

It is frustrating to be so close to him and yet unable to do...

For now, all we can do... is wait.



If you weren't the leader of the knights, I would have paid you no mind...

It's all right. I want you to stay with us.


This will be our only chance.

...Is it true that Magnus is a follower of some stranger devil-god?!

Yes, it is. But this will be the end of him.



An invisible wall blocks us!

Magnus! You! What have you done to them!

You are one of Fahn's underlings... He he he he he. I see. So that is why.

How wickedly clever of you, Fahn! A woman disguised as a man... I had thought you a stupid soldier. But now, now I see. Unghggghhhh!

However... You are a wicked woman. You use men. You use them, but it is a way to hide your true feelings... Ah! Poor girl. You are unable to know what lies in your own heart.

What...! Be silent, monster!

Oh! "Monster", you say! And I was only trying to express your true feelings for you. I was trying to be Cupid for your benefit!

You... I swear... I will slice you in half!

Wha, What?!

Battle-Maiden... Valkyrie!

Ha! What a foul Cupid you would make!

Ah... Valkyrie, it has been ages.

Well, it's really all the same anyway.

Silly tri-Ace, throwing a 'boss' fight into a recruitment sequence? Genevivie has 10,000 health and is barely a threat.

Here's some Dreaded Dragon damage, anyway.


...Hmph! I believe you should be more concerned about what is happening behind you.

What the...?

Fahn... Wake up, please wake up...

Eee...!! Eeeee...

You should carry the burden of all this on your fragile shoulders.

We shall meet again, Lady Goddess.


...What the. How did I... What's going on...

...Thank goodness. You're okay... I... I really... The way I feel about you...

Don't die! Hold on!



Nothing more is seen of Fahn or Magnus after this, so the outcome is unclear. I want to think it ends well though.

She doesn't have a voiced scene in her recruitment, but Jayle is voiced by Veronica Taylor.

We can find Jayle and Fahn in the tavern in Crell before recruiting her:

Is that you?!

Jayle character art.