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Part 32: Part 6-1: Shades of Grey

Shades of Grey

This is just kind of a depressing sequence, so... enjoy?

Listen: Celia

[That sounds like Arngrim.]

[I think I'm more like a willow tree.]

[Hah! As if!]


[You've come this far and now you want to go home?]

[That's not it... I know we can't...]

[Yeah well, I gave up all hope of that a long time ago.]


What... did she do? I thought we were all friends... I thought the journey would end, that we'd all be happy!


I've finally found you...

I cannot forgive you. You're the one responsible for everything! Kashell, Aelia... everyone dead...

Everything went mad on that day... The day... the day Lemia died!

Aren't you going to say something?

Please... say something...

Tell me you didn't kill Lemia!

Because... then I really would be all alone...

Forgive me, Celia...

Grey? No... This... this isn't happening...


Listen: Grey

I am not worthy to be chosen by you.

Human. You have indeed defiled souls, blasphemed against the gods. One who has acted as sacrifice for the soul transfer cannot be saved through the same means.

So there was nothing I could do after all. I am worthless. I must be judged... I must atone.

Become then as a blade for the gods to wield.

Grey is voiced by Eric Stuart, who also voices Lucian.


And thus we end the saddest plot thread in the game - Celia is never seen again.

The sum of it is that a while ago, Lemia gave up her life through Soul Transfer (which is what Belenus did for Asaka) to revive him. When Celia and company chanced upon them, it likely seemed that Grey had killed her, and he didn't deny it, since in a roundabout way, he did.

It's unclear exactly what Grey was trying to do to revive Lemia, though Lenneth's remarks suggest he was trying to accomplish his own means of Soul Transfer, albeit in a way that doesn't seem all too pleasing to the gods.

Finally, Lemia has two portraits that are never used in the game:

It's probable that they had planned to flesh out the plot thread more in flashbacks (such as those in Aelia and Grey's Spiritual Concentrations) but for whatever reason dropped it.

Grey character art.