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Part 36: Chapter 6 Sacred Phase

Chapter 6 Sacred Phase

Our current situation is...

Our forces are routing the enemy. If things continue as they are, all is well.

Do you wish to know the status of our Einherjar?

We'll skip past Llewelyn, Belenus and Janus, who have used up all their unique events.

Kashell still has one, at least.


He he, you were close.

Damn, I still can't win.

Yes, but you pushed me much harder than most of the Aesir here.

Grrr... Well, I'll take you next time.

I look forward to you trying. I like your spirit.

And Kashell gets +5 Hero Value from this.

Jun, on the other hand, isn't faring quite as well.


Think nothing of it. Healing is my job. It is good to give it your all, but how sad it would be to scar up such a beautiful face.

Beauty has little use in war.

That may be true, but isn't beauty preferable to ugliness?


Darn it Jun. A goddess calls you beautiful and you rebuff her and become less of a Hero for it.

Jelanda is our first shot of estrogen into Valhalla. And right off the bat it seems things aren't going too well.

How dare you! I was princess of Artolia!

I may not be an Aesir, but I'm an 18th level goddess! I have a right to be arrogant!

Darn it Jelanda. And yes, she says she's an 18th level goddess no matter what rank she enters Valhalla as.

Notice that both Jelanda and Grey enter the 1st Platoon, joining Llewelyn. Grey doesn't have any unique events this time round (his 'special mission' is a single unnoteworthy line), so let's move onto their shared mission (Llewelyn and Janus also have the same one).

The cavern entrance to Jotunheim is sealed with ice. In order to break that seal, you must take the Accursed Flame Gem from the dragon, Fafnir. Defeat Fafnir and retrieve the Accursed Flame Gem.

And that does it for Einherjar roll call today.

Lenneth, about your performance...

It is magnificent.

The Lord Odin is pleased with you.

The only new item here is the Wand of Exchange, which lets us rearrange formations in battle.

Lenneth, I have a request to make of you...

There is someone in the Forest of Spirits who can repair it. We must repair the Accursed Flame Gem before the attack from Jotunheim begins. Lenneth, I am giving the Accursed Flame Gem for you to hold. Bring the Accursed Flame Gem to the Forest of Spirits and have it repaired.

I have heard Niflheim is engaged in some suspicious activities. I do not think they will attack us anytime soon. In any case, send us an Einherjar who is knowledgeable about the undead.

We need sorcerers. Send us someone skilled in the art of magic.

Two chapters left... Ragnarok is approaching.

Listen: Spiritual Concentration 16

"In war, there is both purity and filth. That armor... it must make it difficult to see the blood on you. Concerned only with appearances, and disguising the truth. It suits you indeed!!"

"You're wrong! I... I..."

"Shiho... What... what should I do?"

We only have a single new Einherjar to recruit this time, so there won't be a poll. See you in Hai-Lan!