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Part 37: Part 7-1: Colour of Death

Colour of Death

Our last Einherjar from Hai-Lan. We've gotten one every chapter except Chapter 1 and 5.

Listen: Suo 1

"That armor... it must make it difficult to see the blood on you. Concerned only with appearances, and disguising the truth. It suits you indeed!!"

I... I...

Suo is voiced by Ed Paul, who also voiced Belenus.


For simplicity's sake, while Suo is wearing his mask and there are other Samurai in the scene, I'll italicize his lines.

...Yes, nothing to report.

I mean with you, Suo. Look, I know you weren't very eager to take this mission, but... Just don't think about it too hard. It's simple. We're here to investigate a village supposedly packed with villagers disguised as non-combatants.


Our intelligence isn't wrong.


Sir. The town's occupation is nearly complete, sir.

I see.




Listen: Suo 2

...I was thinking.


I was trying to figure out how it all came down to this. Raising swords against women and children... We say it is right, for our objective is just. But how many defenseless people have we slaughtered?

All I wanted to do was protect the people who could not protect themselves...!



Suo character art.

Suo and Shiho artwork.