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Part 39: Chapter 7 Sacred Phase

Chapter 7 Sacred Phase

Quick stop in the Cave of Oblivion.

New enemy here: Demon "Wiead" is normally found in Chapter 8 on Hard Mode.

Last Wish has a 25% chance of connecting, but if it does it reduces its target's health to 1.

Their RDM is high enough that weaker Einherjar won't do a lot of damage. Even Yumei's spells were only doing about a thousand.

They can also heal themselves for about a third of their life.

Lenneth's weak to Darkness, but they can also pull some nasty damage with Shadow Servant and Prismatic Missile.

That's really the worst of it however - Last Wish and spells aside they really don't hit that hard with good armour, so it's a long battle, not a hard one.

The aura around a character when they start a PWS corresponds to how many PWS you've done in that around already - one is blue, two is green, three is red and if they're fourth, white. The third and fourth PWS get a 1/3 damage boost. This is why Lenneth and Arngrim work really well - they can both fill the gauge to 100 even if they're third while racking up some decent numbers to the hit count, so whoever's fourth can pile on a nice chunk of extra damage.

Good experience at the very least.

Spectators also normally only appear in Chapter 8 on Hard. They're not very threatening.

There's a bit of treasure, but we do finally get a good one - a free Mighty Check.

Suo's Hero Value can get really high. If you could send him to Valhalla earlier he'd have the highest Hero Value in the game.

Our current situation is...

Our forces are routing the enemy. If things continue as they are, all is well.

Do you wish to know the status of our Einherjar?

Quick fast forwarding through all the Einherjar with nothing noteworthy.


Think nothing of it. Healing is my job.


Listen, Grey. Your pain.. You bury it within yourself, but it's like poison. You need to let it out.

I'm fine. You need not concern yourself.

And somehow, Grey gets +2 to Hero Value.

Part of the reason you guys voted for these two, I suppose.

The way they scaled the portraits makes Shiho look like she has a gigantic head compared to Suo, it's amusing.

From now on, I will protect you. I won't let anything bad happen.

Stop The Presses: Happy Ending in Valkyrie Profile.

Suo and Shiho join Belenus in the 2nd Platoon, so let's go to their mission.

Kashell and Jun also join Belenus, Suo and Shiho.

It seems the Vanir have joined forces with those of Niflheim. If we do not do something, we will be in great danger. We must strike while the iron is hot! Go at once to Niflheim and capture the Goddess Hel!

And there's the only shot we'll get of Hel. See you in another game.

Lenneth, about your performance...

It is magnificent.

The Lord Odin is pleased with you.

Confession: I resetted for this one. The last item on the list is a weapon randomly chosen from a stock. Gram is the only weapon that can't be purchasable from the shop, and it is also a very powerful sword, with 2000 ATK and three attacks.

Lenneth, I have a request to make of you...

We need at least one warrior who can cause great damage. We need someone who can issue battle commands. Send us a courageous warrior who can lead. Cowards are useless to us. Only the bravest may fight for Odin.

The final chapter!

However, we're not getting any Einherjar recruiting sequences...

...So I guess we're going straight to the dungeons next update.

Sacred Phase

It also means we can start working on Freya's request right away:

Hero Value 120, March, Brave, Fight, Counter, Leadership, Formation.

Since we've sent up Janus, Grey and Suo (the only other Einherjar with Brave), Jayle would normally be our only other choice. However, the important thing to remember is that there is no Sacred Phase after this - we're going straight to Ragnarok, and we won't see any scenes with any Einherjar we send up. So the only reason to send one up this chapter is to get more MP from Freya.

So the board's open! We'll leave out a few Einherjar that either just won't meet the Hero Value (Badrach) or simply aren't suited for sending up this run for one reason or another. Otherwise, most of our team can be sent up, keeping in mind that Jayle will score the best and Nanami/Yumei will score the worst because they also can't learn Counter.

Alternatively, we could just send nobody. What'll we do?