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by ApplesandOranges

Part 41: Part BE-1

It's time!

You lead all the Einherjar and advance along the path we open up. We'll break into Jotunheim Palace and overthrow Surt, King of the Vanir.

...Who are you?

Welcome to the endgame! I kind of wish that our impacts on the Aesir-Vanir War had some effect here, like reducing the number of Vanir we'd have to fight, but alas.

Say hello to everyone! Now that we're up in Asgard, we're all reunited. So of course, we'll have to decide who to bring! It's a good thing we have eight chapters' worth of experience stored away in the Exp. Orb.

It's down to you, of course. We'll want one mage, naturally, then two other Einherjar. So here's one poll to pick a mage, and another poll to pick the other two - the second poll allows multiple votes.