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Part 42: Part BE-2

Arngrim and Gandar both tied for the highest number of votes in their category, at 63 votes each. Yumei was just a bit short of Gandar, at 53. Meanwhile, Lawfer took second place with 40 votes. Lucian and Aelia had 29 and 28 votes, respectively.

Everyone got some votes though! Now let's get some experience going. We'll slap both our Bracelets of Zoe on.

DME, rise!

I'd say this is as good as we're going to get.

OST: To the Last Drop of My Blood

Jotunheim has some decent music. The dungeon itself, I'm not entirely fond of, but it could be worse.

Since we're up in Asgard, we can shop anywhere, instead of only at save points.

We'll head up first. There's a copy of Mental Reaction here, which lets Sorcerers consume DME to restore CT. However, using it means not using Wait Reaction, so I'll pass.

Further up and we'll find our gimmick, ice platforms which soon disappear after we land on them, and reform a while after they melt. I was never good at platforming puzzles, so they took me embarrassingly more time than I'd have liked.

Vanir are the main enemy here, with three different kinds of Vanir. This gold-coloured one always appears by himself, so I've never seen him do anything special, as a concentrated effort brings him down easily.

The end of this optional part are three flame holders, and an empty one on the bottom with plenty of ice platforms in the way. We'll take the Red Flame from the top left.

Then place it into the empty one.

We'll then take the blue flame from the bottom right, and add it to the red flame.

The... Daisy (?) Fire is what we'll need for the optional boss up ahead. Now we can head back to the entrance.

Oh here's a shot of Dinosaur Stream I guess.

Next up are the blue Vanir, who are usually paired with a Wise Sorcerer. They're both weak to Poison.

As such they're easy to one-shot.

...Gandar, are you wearing short shorts? Is it just because they're comfy and easy to wear?

I don't get a good shot of it, but further on icicles start falling from the ceiling, which damage us and knock us away slightly if they hit us.

The Scarlet Edge skills lets a Warrior add a chance to Faint with their attacks. Not a bad skill, but useless for boss fights.

This area annoys me because you have to jump up the platforms, and right at the final jump two icicles come down and knock you all the way to the bottom and start all over.

There's this one chest that looks quite low to the ground but you can't get there by jumping - you have to platform higher, then fall to it.

Actually, none of the treasures in the final dungeon are irreplaceably good, so you could just ignore most of them and shoot to the final boss.

Coming up in this area is our optional boss.

Meet Bloodbane. You can fight him only if you have the Daisy Fire from earlier.

OST: Systematic Enemy

Fear me. Worship me. I am Bloodbane.

Your sins lay heavy upon you, defiler of souls. By the holy laws you shall be obliterated!

Bloodbane is normally a tough boss. With 200,000 health, he's not exactly a pushover, and he enjoys dealing heavy bouts of Fire damage to your party. Even back row characters aren't safe.

Stun Checks are very helpful here - Bloodbane doesn't Faint, but they cut down Fire damage by 50%. And you can't exactly beat him by attrition; Bloodbane knows Heal and will cast it every ten turns. When he gets low on health, he'll start spamming Gravity Blessing.

So we'll subscribe to the Barbarossa method.

Right buddy. Let's see how far we can get.

Yeah I don't think that'll be enough...

Hold on. Bloodbane, meet Lawfer.

Bloodbane, meet the Dinosaur. That's 90k damage right there.

Urrrgaaaaaah! Thou are mere insects; how could you possibly have.... rrrrrrggahh!

And that's how we kill Bloodbane in three turns (with some luck from Guts).

Arngrim and Lawfer get two levels out of it too, which is nice.

Our prize is the Levantine (or Lævateinn).

With 2200 attack power and boosting in damage as the user's health drops, I think it's time to retire Lenneth from bows.

Now back to our job.

The grey Vanir are slightly tougher, as they have more health and will block reliably, so hit them with Wait Reaction or an unblockable skill first.

Apparently Wise Sorcerers know Invoke Feather.

It's been a while since I've had Lenneth with a sword, so I have to get used to her timings again.

More platforming! You can use crystals to give yourself some added height to land the jumps.

At the end of a hallway are the Fires of Purgatory. We then have a time limit to run back the way we came for a few screens before they burn out (if they do, we just come back and do it again). There are two fights along the way, and trying to jump to avoid them results in us getting an icicle surprise from above and wasting time. So we'll just fight them (they don't eat up any time).

When we get to the third screen running back, a doorway that wasn't there before appears.

We're almost at the end.

Jumping across an ice bridge (man, I am so bad at platforming) jumps us right into this guy.

The Mithril Golem has 100,000 health.

I Fainted him on the first round and eviscerated him on the second, so I can't give you much more than that.

Good experience.

And we're at the final Save Point! Party check.

I didn't use Lawfer seriously from the moment I got him but then the Dinosaur came and he torpedoed into usefulness again.

Arngrim, because Arngrim.

And Gandar. I guess he's done his job well enough.


We will not wait for Lord Odin's divine attention. The power to enforce his will is mine. Now, as is fit for a king... Draw your sword. Draw and die!!


Ignorant woman.

Can you not see that I now walk the path of justice?! Your Lord Odin is nothing but a master of trickery and deceit.

Surt is voiced by Scottie Ray.

OST: Jesting Truth

You've gotta admit, he knows how to make an entrance.

Meet the final boss, Surt. He comes with two Vanir, and like Bloodbane, he loves to throw lots of Fire at your party.

His physical attacks aren't too bad.

Flare Storm will hurt without Fire protection.

We might as well take out the Vanir first.

...It's taken up to the final boss but I finally have an enemy casting a Great Magic on me.

Surt will cast Ifrit Caress every three turns.

It does hurt, but not that much more than Flare Storm.

Right, Barb strategy again.

Surt also knows regular Fire spells, which aren't too bad. If you come in with lots of Fire protection you'll do fine.

He also casts Might Reinforce, but it should be too little too late.



Just a formality.

And then we're done.

It can't be! *cough* Evil.. you mean to say evil prospers? I do not accept this.. I do NOT ACCEPT THIS!

Next time: End?