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Part 49: Part H5-1

The last thing we're going to do in Chapter 4 is to revisit Brahms' Castle and confront him.

This time, we'll pause to reconsider just to see the other choice.

We shall have to leave our conclusion for another time.

Brahms disappears.

What is this overwhelming energy? It is equal to that of Lord Odin's...

We then get unceremoniously dropped out of the Castle and back onto the World Map.

Visiting Gerabellum knocks 15 points off our Seal Value, and confronting Brahms, no matter what the outcome, drops it by 10, bringing us down to 43. We'll make sure Lenneth isn't wearing the Niebelungen Ring before we enter the Sacred Phase, which brings it down to 41.

We have a couple scenes with Lawfer.


You cannot treat a helpless person so. Is that truly how gods should behave?

You're so naive, Lawfer. To defeat the Vanir, we do what we must.


This is war. Do you understand!?

Fine, then do as you like.

On to doing patrol with Ull.

Yes, sir!!


We're nearly finished.

It appears so. I could not have done it without you.

That's not true, sir.

Yes, sir.

And Lawfer gets +2 HV. If you're counting though, that's -6 he gets from his special events. And if you don't send him up at the same time as Kashell it's -8.

And here's Yumei. The pursuit of enemy is similar to the one for Jun (because she has Nimble), so let's just see her special mission.

The only way to get to Fort Ursur quickly enough is to go through Luroa Forest. We need someone like you with a good sense of direction because it is easy to get lost there. I know you can do it. Good fortune upon you!

Umm, was I supposed to go east here?

Hmm, since I can see the mountains over there, here, I would head north.

Chapter 5 is going to be slightly busy, but not as much as Chapter 4.

We'll start off by recruiting Lucian, Badrach, and Grey.

Also, remember that scene with all the kids crying out in Lucian's recruitment? And how Claire was saying they needed to get the kids out of there?

Yeah. Nice job Cavia tri-Ace.

Here's where the game throws you a bit of a bone, as it hints that Lucian is prime transfer material. He's the only Einherjar to start with a positive Hero Value (and at a high +48), and he has Nimble, which is one of Freya's requests in Chapter 5. Which is good, since we need to send him up.

When we send him up, we get the following scene. It takes place no matter when you do it (even on Chapter 8), but to get the A Ending, we need to do it before Chapter 7. So we could keep Lucian around for another chapter, but he doesn't have Brave so he's better suited to be sent up now (once we get him a couple levels for CP).


Note: Again, I've included gifs and audio links, but if you want, the entire scene is up here. It's just over 6 minutes long.

Listen: Lucian and Lenneth 1


If you do not wish to answer, I will leave you be. However, I must remind you that you cannot accept your death until you have left your worldly troubles behind.

What is it, Lucian? Have you decided to speak?

Would you... go with me to that village?


Listen: Lucian and Lenneth 2

We always used to play here. The two of us...


My best friend. This was her house...

I hated her parents. They were always... so cruel to her...


Her name was Platina?

Hmm? Yeah...

We were so close. But...


I was just a dumb kid, back then. I couldn't think of any other way...


Just like this.


Listen: Lucian and Lenneth 3

I knew it. You look exactly like her.

Like that girl?


It was my fault. If I hadn't brought her here with me...

And I resemble this girl?

And that's why...

But nothing has changed.

Are you watching, Lezard?


Listen: Lenneth

But there is a chasm between men and Gods that cannot be traversed. Thus, love between the two is not possible.



And that's that. Before we end the update, we have a new Spiritual Concentration that didn't appear the first time we played:

Listen: Spiritual Concentration 18

"That little freak Lezard did it? I mean, I can't say I necessarily blame him..."

"These are... runes? It can't be! That 4th and the 14th runes! And even the 22nd! These were thought lost forever!"

"Hmph. His penmanship hasn't gotten any better, that's for sure. I can't tell if he's writing in code or just can't write at all."

"It is! It's a homunculus!"

"Lezard, you... did her in, didn't you?"

"You know how I am. I don't like to mess around."

"The Philosopher's Stone. I found it."


"Mysty? You took my homunculus, didn't you? I'd like it back, if you don't mind terribly."

See you guys in Flenceburg!