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Part 50: Part H5-2: Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

To get this Spiritual Concentration to even appear, you have to have defeated Lezard in Chapter 4. If not, no go.

In any case, I hope you're ready for a mythology lesson mixed in with a healthy dose of

Whatever are you doing, wandering about at this hour?


I'm joking. Anyway, what do you want?


Oh, I see.


Goodness, it certainly is chilly today.

Not pictured: apparently I failed to record this bit so uh, Mystina just entered the chamber and it starts glowing.


Listen: Mystina

Hmm? There are some sort of glyphs engraved into the walls.

But these... are Runes? It can't be! The 4th and the 14th Runes, and even the 22nd!! These were thought lost forever! What can this mean?

Ah, they've already been dispelled...

Mystina is voiced by Rachel Lillis, who also voiced Jelanda. And yes, I'm sure it was a coincidence she's best known for voicing a character called Misty.


I've still got time, don't I?

This is... Lezard's...

I can't tell if he's writing in code or just can't write at all!


It is! It's a homunculus!

Why else would he make this...?

It's accurate right down to the naughty bits.

I didn't come all the way in spirit form for this! This is way more information than I needed!

But... oh, I know.


Long time no see. Wanna drink?

So how'd you get so powerful, anyway?

A magic question, right off? You haven't changed a bit.

Lezard, you... did her in, didn't you?

I'm sorry?

All right, all right. I'll tell you.

You're the one who hasn't changed! Whatever. Get to the point.


Well, figuratively speaking, I did. A more apt description of the Stone would be 'the ten-billion-page codex...' It's not as if the world's knowledge is suddenly yours after obtaining it... it must be read.


A favor?

Oh, and I don't want it to seem as if I'm just demanding it back. I might be willing to compensate you with something...

Please, ask of me whatever you like. It is very important to me.

Oh, all right.

Taking a moment aside, while Mystina isn't my pick for favourite character of the game (she's got some stiff competition), I really like how well she and Lezard bounce off each other. Mystina isn't afraid to tell it like it is (and say what we're all thinking), and Lezard just lets it slide off his back. One could easily see how they were friends.

Also there is so much

And I hope you're ready for a lot of coming up.


Right. The single connection between Midgard and Asgard. I'd like to stand atop the summit of Yggdrassil where it is said that Odin hung as he received his wisdom...

What, are you saying you're any different? At least I don't have a... a... Lolita complex!


I wonder what she's dreaming about...?



It is said that the rainbow bridge is in the forest of the World Tree.


Wha...? That can't be!

Oh, really?

Ooh, those elves piss me off! Who do they think they are, anyway?

Oh, my. That would be very bad indeed.

Oh yeah? Why?

You know what the elves are responsible for, don't you?

Yeah, yeah. They protect Yggdrassil.

Indeed. Most people do not know that.

Hmph. I don't know about you, but I paid attention in theology class.

Just listen to me, please. During the process of development on my homunculi, I learned something very interesting...

Something... interesting?

This is the Forest of Spirits, in case you didn't already catch on.

To get further to the point, elves themselves can be considered gods. Also, I have demonstrated that children can be born between humans and elves...

No way.

And what proof do you have?

You know the tale of the time Odin gained the throne of the gods, yes?

You mean the Creation Myth?

But the world was left a blackened husk, and no life remained on it. So Odin created the second race of man. That is why he is called the All-Father.

You're boring me to death, Lezard.

Listen: VP Mythology

So then: How did he manage to become Lord of the Gods? Did you never wonder that, Mysty?

Uh... um, well, now that you mention it...

In other words, Gods do not grow, because they are static. However...

That's right. Because Odin's divine blood was mixed with mortal, he has the ability to grow, just as we humans do.

Combining the finest traits of all beings, Odin was finally able to secure the throne.


Gods use the vessels we call Elves to travel through Midgard, to protect the World Tree.

You're repeating yourself, Lezard.

So you're talking about moving souls from one body to another?

Do you know what my homunculi are crafted from?

They're half-elf, half-human.

Correct. My homunculi are essentially half-elves.


I no longer have anywhere to store it.

I shall come to call again, another day.


The ability to completely transcend space is definitely the plus of this condition.

(Mysty, can you hear me? I have ambitions beyond becoming a god, you know.)


Dream you dreams somewhere other than this plane, that is all I care about... Does this not satisfy you?


Listen: Mystina and Lenneth

Ah ha ha ha ha. Me? Travel with you?

Hmph. Fine. I'll come with you. I mean, it's not like I really have any other choice, do I?


And you don't have to tempt me with stupid promises, either.


Well that was a long sequence. Before we recruit Mystina, we can visit her in Flenceburg (even if you never satisfied the requirements to recruit her):

And since I forgot to show if off, you can also visit Lorenta:

And after her sequence, you can go back to Flenceburg:

Here it is. Gotta have this.

The Infinity Rod has 880 MAG and can cast Great Magic, with a 10% chance of breaking. Read: completely inferior to the Unicorn's Horn. Even Ether Scepters are much stronger if you don't mind the 30% chance of breaking.

Mystina character artworks.