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Part 51: Part H5-3

Mystina is a Sorceress. Shocking, I know. In terms of raw stats, she easily trumps the other Sorceresses up to this point, having as much MAG as Lorenta while having slightly higher stats in other categories (except DME). She starts off with a good spell list, including Mystic Cross, Normalize and Guard Reinforce, so she's usable off the bat if you don't like Lorenta.

For whatever reason, Mystina is untransferable - no real reason is ever given for this. I suppose it might be due to personality, but then again, they accept Badrach... But here are her traits anyway.

Recruiting Mystina and Lucian drops our Seal rating by 15 and a massive 20 respectively, and recruiting Badrach and Grey dropped us another 4 points, leaving us at a lowly 2 (!). We still had to send up Lucian though, and that raised it by another 12, leaving us at 14. We're well below the threshold, at any rate.

Starting from this chapter, there are no more dungeons that we miss - every dungeon that was available on Chapter 5 on in Normal is available in Hard. So only new dungeons from here.

One thing about Mystina is that her familiar is unique - she's the only character to have a bat as a familiar for Wait Reaction.

I love the Unicorn's Horn. Infinite Great Magics are just so good.

Lorenta and Mystina PWS

Not much to say about these two except that I really enjoy Mystina's Carnage Anthem.

Let's get onto our new dungeon this chapter.

I don't really like the Citadel of Flame, but there are easily worse in this game. It's going to involve a bit of timing and crystal puzzles, really.

The first screen has fireballs rain from the sky. Touch them and you take a bit of damage and get knocked back slightly. You can slash them away with your sword, but at the end of the day there's practically no way to avoid taking damage as you just run across as fast as you can.

I'm not great at this.

Just a few new enemies today. Rib Foragers are unremarkable. As a bonus, enemies weak to Ice can be simply killed with the Icicle Sword.

Beetle Giants can (and will) hit fighters in the back, and are annoying for their speed on the map. A Timer Ring helps to slow them down. At any rate, magic kills them in a hurry.

Fire Elementals can hit pretty hard with Flame Banner. As one might expect though, Ice cools them off easily.

The Soul Slayer is a bow that will absorb DME from opponents. Never really used it.

A bit further in is a machine we'll need to press to open up a passageway further in.

We could run on top of the platform and risk the fireballs, but an easier tactic is to explode a crystal while facing backwards and have it propel us to the other side.

There are another series of platforms hanging over lava where we'll have to use exploding crystals to propel from one platform to the next.

It's not easy to see, but there are actually two enemies on top of each other here - they're just waiting for Lenneth to drop down.

Gelatinous Oozes are zzzzzz.

This next room (after dropping past a room with flamethrower) is really frustrating. There's a treasure chest on the left side of the room that's unreachable by going up the ramp next to it (you won't be able to jump up it). So we'll have to go up and around.

To cross this bit at the top, we have to jump slightly and explode a crystal on the edge of the upper platform, then hop onto the crystal dust.

Once the dust floats low enough, we can then hop over the ramp onto the platform (any higher and we'll get stopped by the bottom of the top platform). You can also see the chest there.

From there, it's an easy slide down and using a crystal to hop onto the platform with the chest containing the Flame Jewel. Took me ages, personally.

The exit to that same room is in the middle. There are a few ways to get to it, but here's the one I found easiest - hop onto a crystal, then shoot a crystal to the wall til it explodes and rockets you to the exit platform. If you do it while lower you'll get stopped by the bottom of the platform.

At least that part's done.

Figments are baby Fire Elementals that are resistant to physical attacks. Icicle Sword still kills them in one hit, or magic works.

The next room has a second machine in the top left corner we need to get there. First, we run to the other side of the room and build a crystal ladder up the wall, then explode a crystal to get us to this platform.

We then need to fire a crystal on the bottom edge of the next platform, then explode it to use dust which we can hop on, then up to the next platform.

From there, it's just a crystal ladder to the machine.

And that opens up the next passageway.

We finally get a save point! Also it's pretty cool there's a lab down here. It doesn't mean anything, but it does hint that being found close to Flenceburg attracts at least one or two researchers...

Onto the final room. We first have to pick up this pot, and throw it underneath the space of the pillar, and keep doing this til it gets to the other side.

Fireballs will periodically rain down on the other side of the pillar. We have to collect the fireballs in the pot (I'm not sure how many, but I think it's about 6 or 7). It the fireballs hit us we'll drop the pot, but thankfully we don't have to start all over (that would make me pull out a hair or two).

Once we've collected enough fireballs, the boss spawns.

Wa ha ha. Not only human souls, my dear. I've incinerated the souls of the children of the Gods as well.


I will not be judged by a low-level goddess with a pathetic attachment to mortals! If you wish to hold conversation with me, then return with Odin, Lord of the Gods!

Do not overestimate your value, defiler of souls!

We face an upgraded Fire Elemental for our boss.

For some reason, he knows Frigid Damsel, and he has pretty high offensive stats, easily dishing out over 16k worth of damage.

But that means nothing when he's weak to Ice and can be hilariously taken out in one hit by the Icicle Sword.

For bonus points, try killing him by reflecting his own Frigid Damsel back at him with Reflect Sorcery or the Mirror of Pleiades. Not so smart to use spells you're weak to when the enemy could bounce them back at you.

More DME bonuses while levelling up, woo.

Three nice prizes this time. The Eternal Lamp blocks our party from Freeze. The Infernas isn't the strongest greatsword out there, but it absorbs DME and it also instantly kills enemies weak to Fire. The Holy Water of Mithra is a one-time use item that deals heavy damage to undead foes - we might save that for a boss or two.

Lucian has just one special scene in Valhalla. Yumei doesn't get anything new, and while Lawfer has a conversation with Tyr it's almost word for word with Belenus' conversation with Thor about his style in battle.


Now, we'll be starting chapter 6 next time! But there actually isn't much new to do this time around, so let's have a poll, since it's been a while.

While plot and showing off new things have railroaded our Einherjar choices for a while, I'll let you guys pick our Einherjar for Chapter 7. We'll be recruiting and sending up Jayle this chapter, since she's the only Einherjar with Brave we haven't sent up before, but Freya requests a Sorcerer in Chapter 7. Barring Sorceresses we've already sent up in the past (Jelanda) or that are glitched or untransferable (like Mystina), we have two options: Nanami and Lorenta.

As a friendly reminder, they won't get sent up this chapter, but the next. Otherwise, vote away!