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Part 54: Part H7-2

This next scene is special. It triggers as soon as Lenneth's Seal Value drops below 34 during Chapter 7 - for me it triggered right after Odin told Lenneth about Lyseria, but if one's Seal level was just above the threshold it could also trigger by recruiting Suo or visiting Brahms if you hadn't done that yet.

Obviously enough, Lucian also needs to survive in Asgard up to this point. If you'd sent him up poorly prepared and he dies prematurely, tough cookies.


Oh, nothing special...

Come now!! Something is troubling you? I could well understand if that is the case.

It's true that much has happened. I may be... I may be a little confused...

Yes? What else?

And... The truth is...

What are you saying? You can't believe that you and Lenneth could actually be together!

...Yes yes.

...Well, it's okay. It's nothing to hide...

That's right. But...


No memory?

That's right. I always try to get her to talk about her human life, but it seems that my sister Freya has sealed off her memories.

Sealed her memory? Her human memory?

Her duty as a Valkyrie is primary... If her human memory remained, it would only be an obstacle to that. Oh. I think I said too much...

No, it's nothing.


Huh? It's impossible. It was Freya herself who sealed off her memory. The only ones who could break the seal are Freya, or Lord Odin.

Besides, didn't Lady Freya call for you to come?

...Is there something else you want from me?

Although there is no direct solution, there is another way.


But as you might expect, removing the seal from her memory is not an easy task. However, I believe that perhaps you can at least speak with Valkyrie if you wish...


Do you know how it is done? Lord Odin uses the Water Mirror to communicate with her.


But, will I be forgiven for such a thing?

I couldn't really care less.


What do I do?

Close your eyes and concentrate. Think of her. That's all you have to do.


Listen: Lucian and Lenneth


I know you won't, but...

Lucian... what is this?

But the other one is hidden somewhere else...

What do you mean? That's why you used the Water Mirror?!

It wasn't really the earring that I wanted to give you... But I thought if you accepted it, maybe...

...How will I? You dare order me to go treasure hunting? You're a fool... Now that you have done this, have you any idea of the repercussions?


L, leave me alone...


Th, that form, Loki...?

But the blame for stealing it will have to fall on your shoulders, Lucian.


...Hee hee hee. And the best part is that I shall be the hero for killing you.

Forget about it! I'll never let it happen like that. I'm not ready to die just yet!

Loki character art.