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Part 55: Part H7-3

I had to get her a few levels, but Nanami just made it over the Hero Value treshold. Let's send her up.

"Our current situation is-" wait, what?

His name is Lucian.

He was executed by Loki, who happened to be present at the time.

The Dragon Orb was stolen, and possibly sent to Midgard. We do not know exactly where it is.

Lenneth, I have a very important mission for you. You must go to Midgard and retrieve the stolen Dragon Orb.



Yes, my lord.


Yes. The ripples on the Water Mirror should have been plainly visible.

Yes... you may leave now.

Yes. We have no proof his story was a lie.

That is right.

However, that doesn't explain this human's motives, does it? And I find it hard to believe he is secretly in league with the Giants...


All the information we have is uncertain and unreliable. Therefore...


For the time being, we leave Loki be.

Well, this is turning out to be the best 28th day left to Ragnarok, isn't it?