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Part 57: Part H8-2

Well, here we go. We have one last Spiritual Concentration to do.

Listen: Spiritual Concentration 19

"Lucian... what is this?"

"I'm going to send you one of these earrings, and I want you to take it. But the other one is hidden somewhere else."

"But I thought if you accepted it, maybe..."

Here it is, the gate to the A Ending. Even if you've done everything else right (sending Lucian up before Chapter 7, recruiting Mystina, meeting Brahms, lowering Lenneth's Seal low enough during Chapter 7), if you fail to use the 3 periods necessary to go to the Weeping Lily Meadow before Ragnarok (2 for the Spiritual Concentration, 1 to go to the Meadow), then the game just proceeds with the B Ending as per normal.

It's the last time on the World Map, so if there are any dungeons left to be run, Chapter 8 is the time to do them. That said, there shouldn't really be a pressing need to.


In any case, its sparkle will no doubt soon be dimmed, ere it is next bloodied...

Not shown: a horrible ringing noise as fade to black.


Yes. But...

Just as planned, eh.

Yes. The security is operating normally.

Ho ho ho. I see.


Next time, Prologue: Best Worst Voice Acting?