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Part 58: Intermission: Prologue

The Prologue is available from the menu during Disc 1 (so up to the end of Chapter 4), or if you wait around on the title screen long enough (which must have been a surprise to at least one person who just left their game alone when going off to eat lunch or something).

Aside from transcribing the prologue, audio links and gifs are in there, but for anyone who wants it, the full scene is also available here. It clocks in at 9:39, and the whole scene is fully voiced.


Listen: Prologue 1

Megan Hollingshead voices Platina. While I personally really like her as Lenneth and think she did an alright job with Lorenta. her voice as Platina, personally, is just... no.


Listen: Prologue 2

Mother, who were those men?


Listen: Prologue 3

Platina... we've got to run! Come now, hurry!

What are you talking about, Lucian?

Listen to me. Your mother and father, they...



Listen: Prologue 4

How can you say that?

I haven't heard anything from Mother about this...

She must be so worried about me right now...


They came to my house, too!

And the next day, my little sister was gone... My mom and dad didn't tell me anything.

Wha? But everyone said she was stricken by a disease...

Anyway, our family has no money for doctors!



I'll go anywhere with you, Lucian...


I don't know... What will become of us now?



Listen: Prologue 5

It's bad luck to say such things!

Tee hee. I'm sorry.

Weeping... Lilies?

That's right! If we stay here, their poison will kill us!



Listen: Prologue 6

If you care about me so much, Lucian. Do you think...


I'm so glad to have known you, Lucian.



And that concludes the Prologue. No, no indication as to why Lucian didn't get affected by the Weeping Lily Pollen. It's a sad backstory, alright?

If we go to Coriander Village, we can find Platina's mother:

While there are quite a few supporting clues in the story, quite a few of them come from an rather unlikely source: Badrach's story.

As mentioned before, the background in this part is Coriander Village, which is also located close to Villnore (and the Weeping Lily Meadow).

It's strongly suggested that, of course, the little girl Badrach saved was Lucian's sister. In fact, if you look at the Handwoven Bandanna's description (which is given to Badrach by the girl when you go back to Camille), it reads:

Obviously enough, Badrach doesn't have a sister. So it's possible that the Handwoven Bandanna was meant to be given to Lucian instead and they never changed the description to fit it. And no, Lucian doesn't get a scene if you bring him there.

We'll take a moment to go over the timeline. In the Gerabellum optional scene, Lucian mentions Platina was 14 when she died. Lenneth's apparent age is 23, Lucian is 19. Badrach mentions he rescued the girl about three or four years ago. Assuming Platina's death and Badrach picking up Lucian's sister happens around the same time, Lucian would have been around 15 or 16, which would be close enough to Platina's age of death for them to likely be close childhood friends.

So what of the disparity between Lenneth's age and Platina's if she were still alive (17 or 18)? Well, Lenneth is Lenneth. Platina is Platina.

Platina character art.